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SDCC Crowd


We've got all your San Diego Comic-Con 2012 news highlights right here, all in one place.

Bummed you couldn't make it down to the convention? Look no further than the list below to find out what went down.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Thursday Highlights

Neil Gaiman returns to Sandman with J.H. Williams

Neil Gaiman announces his return to Vertigo's Sandman!

SDCC 2012: Vertigo Panel Highlights:

  • Neil Gaiman announces his long-awaited return to Vertigo's Sandman with J.H. Williams III!
  • Scott Snyder gives us a bite of information about what's coming up in American Vampire.
  • Mike Allred wishes I, Zombie a fond farewell.


SDCC 2012: Marvel: The Next Big Thing Panel Highlights:

  • James Asmus lights up Gambit's new series.
  • Daniel Way splits with Deadpool.
  • Hulk switches wardrobes to become Red She-Hulk!

 Marvel's Red She-Hulk

SDCC 2012: DC Entertainment-All Access: DC NOW! Panel Highlights:

  • Geoff Johns fills us in on Batman: Earth One art details and hints at what's coming up in Justice League, Green Lantern, and Aquaman!
  • Scott Snyder opens up about Batman #0 and Swamp thing vs Anton Arcane!
  • Scott Lobdell takes flight on Superman!
  • Still no sign of Wally West...


SDCC 2012: The Walking Dead Panel Highlights:

  • Robert Kirkman gushes about Charlie Adlard's art and work ethic.
  • The team has no intention of revealing the source of "the infection".
  • Kirkman provides some insight into the new Walking Dead villain.


SDCC 2012: Batman: Beyond Night of the Owls Panel Highlights:

  • Scott Snyder educates us on the history of Gotham’s Owls & the Joker’s return!
  • Kyle Higgins on Robin's new (old) costume!
  • Scott Lobdell on why Red Hood #0 is the saddest thing he’s ever written.
  • John Layman chews the fat on his upcoming Detective Comics run.

 Batrman #12 by Bryan Hitch

SDCC 2012: Image Comics Presents Panel Highlights:

  • Kurtis J. Weibe talks Peter Panzerfaust's war-torn future!
  • The Hoax Hunters track down their very own series!
  • Jim McCann on the origins of Mind The Gap. 


SDCC 2012: DC Comics - The Dark and The Edge Panel Highlights:

  • Jeff Lemire on who meets who in the "Rotworld" crossover!
  • Rob Liefeld blows up Deathstroke's new history!
  • Dan DiDio on what to expect from the new Phantom Stranger.


SDCC 2012: IDW & Hasbro Panel Highlights:

  • Target: Snake Eyes coming in October!
  • New G.I. Joe: Cobra revelations coming!
  • Get ready for the return of the Dinobots in Dinobot Month!


SDCC 2012: New Clip from the CW's Arrow!

SDCC 2012: Mark Waid, Max Brooks and Shane Davis Team Up at Legendary

SDCC 2012: Marvel’s Digital House of Ideas Panel

SDCC 2012: Dark Horse - Powered by Creators Panel

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