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WonderCon Day 2


Couldn't make it to Anaheim this year for WonderCon 2013? No worries, friends!

We've got all your show highlights right here, all in one place.

Read on for Saturday's top tidbits! 

Friday's Highlights.

WonderCon Anaheim 2013: Saturday Highlights: 

IDW: The BIG Panel


The Rocketeer meets The Spirit at IDW


The Rocketeer/The Spirit: Pulp Fiction, by Mark Waid and Paul Smith. It's a four-issue crossover with DC Comics, who still own the rights to The Spirit.

Andrea DiVito will drawing and Phil Hester writing a new T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents with Jerry Ordway and Dave Sim on covers. "Very much a superhero book" set in the 60s.

Dave Sim has a new project that may be announced soon.

Star Trek: After Darkness is the comic book sequel to Star Trek: Into Darkness. Star Trek Ongoing issues 21-23. Bob Orci to oversee with Mike Johnson writing.

A new Black Dynamite comic series is on the way! “He’s a powder keg of black fury that’s about to explode!”

Waid says he has another, unannounced project in the works.

Most of the Superman Daily Comic Strips that IDW are collecting have come from Waid's personal collection.

Ryall praises Marvel, DC, and Archie for trusting IDW with releasing archival editions of their material.

The new X-Files series debuting in June 2013 has been overseen by show creator Chris Carter.

Samurai Jack's comic series is starting in October 2013, but no creative teams to announce just yet.

IDW is publishing a Jim Mahfood art book in August 2013.


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DC Comics: The New 52 Panel


New 52 Martian Manhunter


We'll see a skill set of Batman's we've never seen before.

The Superman Unchained pullout by Jim Lee will show how Superman carries the weight of the world on his shoulders."The book is about alienation, how difficult it is to be Superman, to have the moral compass that he and Lois [Lane] have, in a world that doesn't always reward that," writer Scott Snyder says. The book will also introduce a new villain.

Bane will be smashing his way through Gotham City in Talon. Snyder adds that it's the "most incredible stuff" he's seen with Bane.

There will be a Talon/Birds Of Prey crossover later this year.

Nightwing will show a history of crime-fighters in Chicago who all died, including Ether and Ghostwalker. The twist at the end of issue #18 was Tony Zucco is still alive.

The Creeper will return in Katana. Ann Nocenti will also be resurrecting interesting DC villains.

The new Batwing is someone tied very closely to the Batbooks and the Batman family.

The Reverse Flash is killing off people connected to the Speed Force, and Iris West is on that list. Green Lantern Hal Jordan will also appear in the book soon.

Detective Comics #19 would have been #900 if the numbering did not restart,

Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray are taking Jonah Hex in an "interesting" direction.

Scott Lobdell describes Hector Hammond as having "Onslaught-level power."


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Valiant Entertainment: Harbinger Wars and Beyond Panel


Harbinger Wars


Harbinger writer Joshua Dysart is the first exclusive writer for the current version of the publisher.

One of the new characters in Harbinger Wars is The Telic, who sees color and light as connective tissue and can tell the future (sort of).

"Bloodshot will actually be vomiting nanites into Harada's mouth," Dysart says. "That actually happens. It's an infectious attack." Cool!

Barry Kitson will be drawing Bloodshot with #10.

May's Shadowman #0 will tell the origin of Master Darque, which was never covered by the original Valiant.

The Free Comic Book Day issue will tease a larger, line-wide event down the road... Unity?

Valiant is releasing a mobile game based on Harbinger Wars, with new levels available to be purchased as stories progress in the comics.

Valiant is doing "8-bit variants" on upcoming covers of their titles.


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That's it for Saturday's happenings. Make sure you come back tomorrow to see what went down at WonderCon on Sunday!

Who's at the show? Who wants to be at the show? Let us know below! 


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