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Couldn't make it to Anaheim this year for WonderCon 2013? No worries, friends! We've got all your show highlights right here, all in one place. 

WonderCon Anaheim Convention Center


Couldn't make it to Anaheim this year for WonderCon 2013? No worries, friends!

We've got all your show highlights right here, all in one place.

Read on for 2013's top WonderCon tidbits!

WonderCon Anaheim 2013: Friday Highlights

WonderCon Anaheim 2013


Can't make it to Anaheim this year for WonderCon 2013? No worries, friends!

We've got all your show highlights right here, all in one place.

Read on for Friday's top tidbits!


WonderCon Anaheim 2013: Friday Highlights:

DC Comics: Access All Areas Panel


Meet the Batman of Earth 2


Batman’s origin to be re-jjiged a bit due to some New 52 inconsistencies, such as Selina Kyle’s appearance in Year One.

Batman: Zero Year will be nothing like Year One, since trying to do a better version of that story would be impossible. Scott Snyder says he thinks it’s the best thing the current team has done on Batman.

Superman: Unchained is meant to be a classic story, but done in a new way.

The Wake by Snyder and Sean Murphy to be like nothing they have done before.

Ann Niocenti calls Katana a courageous move on the part of DC.

A big event is coming to Earth 2 next year, says writer James Robinson.

Robinson asks if Captain Steel is the only currently published Filipino superhero?

The Justice League of America backup stories will expand on main issue plot.

The crowd loves Mike Allred’s covers for Batman: 1966, and it will be collected in print after digital.

Supergirl and New Krypton arrive in Smallville.

Injustice: Gods Among Us comic tells us the backstory of video game.

Earth 2’s Batman to “be around forever”.

Earth 2’s Fury is not Donna Troy.

A big Riddler story is coming up in Batman

Will Doom Patrol show up in the New 52?

Harper Row was not intended by Snyder to be the next Robin. She’ll be turning up in Detective Comics soon.


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DC Comics: Batman: Zero Year Panel


Batman #22 (Zero Year)


Scott Snyder considers Dick Grayson an openly emotional and vulnerable character. That's how he saw him when writing Detective Comics.

Snyder wanted James Gordon Jr. to be the polar opposite of Grayson.

The Court of Owls was meant to destabilize Bruce Wayne the same way James Jr. destabilized Grayson.

Greg Capullo added many brilliant story elements to the Owls saga.

Capullo and Snyder have plans for Batman that may possibly run through Batman #48 or #49.

"There's nothing in Zero Year that we've seen before," says Snyder. He didn't want to do a poor man's Year One.

"You don't do a small Bane story." - James Tynion, in reference to the cover of Talon #7.

Snyder says Tynion's Bane story will blow fans' minds.

Lois Lane is a big part of Superman Unchained, along with a new villain.

Jim Lee said that he's drawing Lex Luthor with a resemblance to Grant Morrison.


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Mark Waid's Thrillbent Panel


Insufferable from Thrillbent


A new Thrillbent website will be launching Monday, which will automatically scale to whatever device you are on. As of Monday, Thrillbent will be the first digital comics site with a fully embeddable viewer. "That's the way to turn these comics intro true viral phenomenons," says Waid.

Coming up next: The Damnation of Charlie Wormword, what Waid dubs their "hardcore prison comic."

John Rogers on his supernatural thriller Arcanum: "It's long-form, it's basically designed to go as long as five years. We get to do this without worrying about our CG budget."

Also upcoming on Thrillbent: Last Vegas, by Eric Heisserer and Clay Kronke, and The Endling, written by Jonathan Larsen and illustrated by Cecilia Latella.

Talon writer James Tynion IV talks his Thrillbent book, The Eighth Seal: "There's only one opportunity every two pages for a scare in a [traditional] comic," but in digital, the opportunities can be numerous. Tynion says his pitch was "Rosemary's Baby meets The West Wing." Waid feels horror comics work very well digitally.

"It's not necessarily that we think any of these are the next million dollar idea that's going to take Hollywood by storm," Waid says. "We're not in the business of that. The idea is to just put stuff up and see what works."

"If you have a web comic, if you've liked to get involved, we are going to be considering hosting outside creators," Rogers says.

Waid says he dislikes reading a digital comic on his home laptop published in a more traditional vertical format, because scrolling up and down to see the whole page significantly negatively alters the experience.

Waid says he thinks 8 to 10 screens per installment is about "the sweet spot," since he doesn't want to release ones that are too long and risk losing someone's attention — equating it to coming across a YouTube video you want to watch, and finding out that it's 12 minutes long.

"A lot of this stuff we probably will end up publishing in print down the road," Waid tells a fan.


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That's it for Friday's happenings. Make sure you come back tomorrow to see what went down at WonderCon on Saturday! (Saturday's Highlights.)

Who's at the show? Who wants to be at the show? Let us know below!


WonderCon Anaheim 2013: Saturday Highlights

WonderCon Day 2


Couldn't make it to Anaheim this year for WonderCon 2013? No worries, friends!

We've got all your show highlights right here, all in one place.

Read on for Saturday's top tidbits! 

Friday's Highlights.

WonderCon Anaheim 2013: Saturday Highlights: 

IDW: The BIG Panel


The Rocketeer meets The Spirit at IDW


The Rocketeer/The Spirit: Pulp Fiction, by Mark Waid and Paul Smith. It's a four-issue crossover with DC Comics, who still own the rights to The Spirit.

Andrea DiVito will drawing and Phil Hester writing a new T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents with Jerry Ordway and Dave Sim on covers. "Very much a superhero book" set in the 60s.

Dave Sim has a new project that may be announced soon.

Star Trek: After Darkness is the comic book sequel to Star Trek: Into Darkness. Star Trek Ongoing issues 21-23. Bob Orci to oversee with Mike Johnson writing.

A new Black Dynamite comic series is on the way! “He’s a powder keg of black fury that’s about to explode!”

Waid says he has another, unannounced project in the works.

Most of the Superman Daily Comic Strips that IDW are collecting have come from Waid's personal collection.

Ryall praises Marvel, DC, and Archie for trusting IDW with releasing archival editions of their material.

The new X-Files series debuting in June 2013 has been overseen by show creator Chris Carter.

Samurai Jack's comic series is starting in October 2013, but no creative teams to announce just yet.

IDW is publishing a Jim Mahfood art book in August 2013.


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DC Comics: The New 52 Panel


New 52 Martian Manhunter


We'll see a skill set of Batman's we've never seen before.

The Superman Unchained pullout by Jim Lee will show how Superman carries the weight of the world on his shoulders."The book is about alienation, how difficult it is to be Superman, to have the moral compass that he and Lois [Lane] have, in a world that doesn't always reward that," writer Scott Snyder says. The book will also introduce a new villain.

Bane will be smashing his way through Gotham City in Talon. Snyder adds that it's the "most incredible stuff" he's seen with Bane.

There will be a Talon/Birds Of Prey crossover later this year.

Nightwing will show a history of crime-fighters in Chicago who all died, including Ether and Ghostwalker. The twist at the end of issue #18 was Tony Zucco is still alive.

The Creeper will return in Katana. Ann Nocenti will also be resurrecting interesting DC villains.

The new Batwing is someone tied very closely to the Batbooks and the Batman family.

The Reverse Flash is killing off people connected to the Speed Force, and Iris West is on that list. Green Lantern Hal Jordan will also appear in the book soon.

Detective Comics #19 would have been #900 if the numbering did not restart,

Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray are taking Jonah Hex in an "interesting" direction.

Scott Lobdell describes Hector Hammond as having "Onslaught-level power."


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Valiant Entertainment: Harbinger Wars and Beyond Panel


Harbinger Wars


Harbinger writer Joshua Dysart is the first exclusive writer for the current version of the publisher.

One of the new characters in Harbinger Wars is The Telic, who sees color and light as connective tissue and can tell the future (sort of).

"Bloodshot will actually be vomiting nanites into Harada's mouth," Dysart says. "That actually happens. It's an infectious attack." Cool!

Barry Kitson will be drawing Bloodshot with #10.

May's Shadowman #0 will tell the origin of Master Darque, which was never covered by the original Valiant.

The Free Comic Book Day issue will tease a larger, line-wide event down the road... Unity?

Valiant is releasing a mobile game based on Harbinger Wars, with new levels available to be purchased as stories progress in the comics.

Valiant is doing "8-bit variants" on upcoming covers of their titles.


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That's it for Saturday's happenings. Make sure you come back tomorrow to see what went down at WonderCon on Sunday!

Who's at the show? Who wants to be at the show? Let us know below! 


WonderCon Anaheim 2013: Sunday Highlights

WonderCon Anaheim Day 3


Couldn't make it to Anaheim this year for WonderCon 2013? No worries, friends!

We've got all your show highlights right here, all in one place.

Read on for Sunday's top tidbits!

Friday's Highlights

Saturday's Highlights


WonderCon Anaheim 2013: Sunday Highlights:

Dark Horse Comics: The Star Wars Panel


Art from The Star Wars


The Star Wars is coming! The story is based on the original Star Wars script by George Lucas. It's an eight-issue mini-series from J.W. Rinzler and Mike Mayhew.

Dark Horse is still the official publisher of Star Wars comics for the foreseeable future. Nothing officially states otherwise.

Brian Wood was very eager and easily accepted the offer to write the current Star Wars series. He will be on the title for quite some time.

Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin and Star Wars: Force Wars, two new titles coming soon.


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DC Comics: The Sunday All-Access Panel


Green Lantern by Billy Tan

Superman will soon find himself in the middle of a "Psi-War".

Jimmy Olsen will soon be a billionaire.

The new Raven is her father's daughter.

Kid Flash is going to be yanked back into the future.

Booster Gold is going to be a guest in All-Star Western for three issues ... as a sheriff.

A big revelation is coming in Batwing #19.

Phantom Stranger will soon take a trip to Hell.

Kid Flash will also guest star soon in Vibe.

Slipshift is the last masked hero in Chicago before Nightwing's arrival. Where did they all go?

A new Batgirl is debuting in Batman Beyond.

The fan-favorite comic, Astro City, is coming back in June, from Vertigo this time.

The Justice League will appear in Li'l Gotham.

Some Teen Titans might grow up to be villains, so says Scott Lobdell.

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Dan Slott Spotlight Panel


Superior Spider-Man

Dan is working on a potential Silver Surfer series, but is not sure if he has time to write it.

Spider-Man 2099 proper will be appearing in Superior Spider-Man later this year.

Dan loves Nazis as villains.

Working on the Ren and Stimpy comic was a very memorable experience.

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IDW: Hasbro Spotlight Panel


Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #16

Cover Girl is coming back to the new G.I. Joe series.

G.I. Joe: Special Missions will feature the return of Zartan.

GI Joe: The Cobra Files: Coming April 2013, featuring Chameleon, a former Cobra Operative now working for the Joes.

Guido Giuidi will replace Andrew Wildman on Transformers: Regeneration 1.

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters is coming May 2013, featuring Grimlock and The Dinobots.

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #16 made an intern cry.

Transformers: Robots In Disguise #17 will feature the origin of Shockwave.

Only two issues of Transformers Spotlight left.

The biggest event in Transformers history, Dark Cybertron, is coming this fall, focusing on Shockwave.

My Little Pony #1 was the best selling issue in IDW's history!

My Little Pony vs G.I. Joe?? Not likely...

No more movie adaptations coming from IDW.


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That's it for Sunday's happenings.We hope you enjoyed our WonderCon Anaheim 2013 coverage. We'd be happy to hear your thoughts in our comments section.

If you were at the show or plan to go next year, let us know below!



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