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Joe Kach got an early look at Iron Man 3 and graces us with his spoiler-free advance review! Read on to see what he thought.


I was fortunate to catch an advance screening of Iron Man 3, the opening salvo in the 2013 Summer Blockbuster race, and I will pay that forward by giving you a peek into my thoughts and feelings towards the film. Here we go:

“I am Iron Man.”

The closing line to 2008’s Iron Man is pretty much the driving force behind this film. I liked the original film quite a bit, mainly in the way that it built up Tony Stark, broke him down, and built him back up again. I didn’t like the second outing, Iron Man 2, very much, but that’s all I’ll say about that. And, I really liked Iron Man 3, just as much as I liked the original, where Tony proves that he is indeed a "Man of Iron" in and out of the armored suit.



That’s actually one of the focal points: iron-on-the-outside vs. iron-on-the-inside, as Tony takes on the Mandarin and a team of Extremis-empowered henchsoldiers. Ben Kingsely does a great job as the Mandarin, the main villain, with a look inspired by what people think a terrorist has looked like since Ronald Reagan was in office. Honestly, I found that to be quite annoying … at first. I am so tired of the “turban and scarf-wearing terrorist” thing. Come on. I mean, try harder, right? It was annoying in True Lies in the 90s, it’s annoying now. Exploiting the misinformed, or even ignorant, fears of the average person is something that has bothered me about Hollywood for quite some time. That being said, and I don’t want to give much away, there is a significant surprise in the third act that not only turns the table on this notion, but in some ways apologizes for it. It’s a fun twist that some of you will hate.



Robert Downey, Jr., as always, is more than capable in the role of Tony Stark/Iron Man. He brings back with him Don Cheadle as James Rhodes/War Machine/Iron Patriot (who is actually given some real purpose in the film that fits in the story quite naturally), Jon Favreau as bodyguard Happy Hogan (who shines in one of the more memorable opening scenes as he’s given more time in front of the camera than behind it), and Gwyneth “Goopy” Paltrow as the ever-positive love-interest Pepper Pots (who does a decent job with a meatier role here, but if it was up to me, I would replace her digitally with, I don’t know, an Ewok).

I don’t know if new director Shane Black had anything to do with it, but there was more humor in this film than the previous, with one-liners and situational moments, that definitely add to the tale, rather than distract. I wasn’t sure what to think when I heard Black was taking over the directing reigns, but really, the man was involved with both Lethal Weapon and the original Predator (two films that framed my younger days, ratings be damned), so I don’t know why it was ever a question.



Outside of the aforementioned Kingsley, the two other newcomers to the Iron Franchise are Guy Pearce as Dr. Aldrich Killian and Rebecca Hall as Dr. Maya Hanson. I’ve enjoyed Hall’s previous performances, but felt she was a little under-used here, but seemed to serve the story just fine. Pearce did a good job as a somewhat by-the-numbers bad guy, and you could tell from his first few seconds on screen that you were going to really dislike the sleazeball. He also handles a mid-film character transformation rather well.

The film’s highlights for me: Tony Stark spends more time out of the suit than in it, and it works out phenomenally! Iron Man 3 could have been subtitled Tony Stark: Bad-Ass and it would have been quite fitting. He takes the villains head-on, with no worries about being outside of his shiny suit. And that situation lends itself quite nicely to the film’s climax. You’ve seen the trailers, and again, without divulging too much, the final battle is one of the coolest you will see in a superhero film and shows us just how connected Tony is to his “brothers-of-armor”. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before. And I can’t close without mentioning the closing credits sequence. Black’s use of comic-book style panels with quick cuts and 60s cinema-pop music really tie everything together nicely, giving it almost a "grindhouse" edge. I can’t quite explain it, nor can I think of what to compare it to, but it might have been my favorite part of the film! Speaking of credits, as with all Marvel Studios films, make sure you stay all the way through the credits for a surprise … session. I’m amazed at how many people still leave the theater when the credits start during a Marvel movie.



All-in-all, Iron Man 3 is quite a treat, and a fitting addition to the Marvel Movie Pantheon. I’m quite keen to hear what other people think, especially in regards to the twist and closing scenes. When you see it, let us know your thoughts and how they align with this review.

“I am Iron Man.” Indeed you are, Mr. Stark. Indeed you are.



Have you seen Iron Man 3? Agree with us? Disagree? Let us know below!

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Comments (2)
  • Doug Smith  - KISS KISS BANG BANG!
    If you haven't already seen it, I recommend that you check out a movie called "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"...the previous collaboration between RD Jr. and Shane Black (and Val Kilmer). Excellent and very, very funny.

    I can't comment on IM3 because I still haven't seen it...bad fanboy!
  • Joe_Kach  - BANG BANG KISS KISS!
    I have indeed seen it, though it was a while ago & I don't remember much. Definitely have a stronger memory of LETHAL WEAPON. =)

    Bad fanboy indeed! Go see it!

    Upon reflection, I would still give it a 4, but now it's more of a "just barely". I didn't like the ending much...

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