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Los Angeles-based cartoonist Tony Fleecs (IDW's My Little Pony) is our newest Mighty Artist Spotlight!


You may have met Los Angeles-based cartoonist Tony Fleecs while making the convention and indie rounds. He's now lending his artistic talents to Hasbro and IDW's My Little Pony franchise and more! We caught up with Tony and asked him a few questions about his projects.



MightyVille: Hello Tony. Thanks for talking to us today. I read somewhere that you and Tone [Rodriguez] are working on an upcoming project together. Can you talk a little about that?

Tony Fleecs: Yeah, we're working on a book! We've got a first issue that's sort of done. We're making tweaks to it right now. I think at this point we're just gonna draw the whole mini-series, and have it done, and then figure out if we're gonna publish it ourselves or have someone else put it out. It's called American Goth Chick. It's about a mopey, teenage girl who writes poetry. And the poetry comes to life and starts killing people. And so then she's gotta figure out how to stop that from happening.

That sounds pretty interesting. What are some of your favorite characters to draw?

I drew a Hulk today! And I like drawing the Hulk because he doesn't have any details. He's just a muscle-y dude with shorts on. I like doing that quite a bit. I like drawing girls ... they take a little while, but I'm always happy with the results.



Who are you drawing there? Is that Maria Hill?

This is a lady named, uh, Red Line? Who's an ... original character of this fella right here. (Points at fella.)



Who are some of your influences?

I grew up watching a lot of Disney cartoons. I'm into that. A lot of my influences are just guys who I'll never be able to draw like. I sort've came up with a style that's just me trying my best, you know? Like, I've got something that I'm happy with, but if I had my druthers, I'd draw like ... Jae Lee.

I like guys like Arthur Adams, Will Eisner. I like Will Eisner's line a lot, that guy could draw. I like cartoons a lot ... when I was younger. Now, I don't really watch them any more.

They don't seem to be quite the same. Anything with your name on it we should be looking out for in the future, outside of the project with Tone we talked about?

Yeah, I'm working on a book at Oni that I co-wrote with Josh Fialkov, and I'm drawing. It's called Jeff Steinberg, Champion of Earth. It's about a shithead that has to save the world from an alien invasion. I've got an art book coming up called Idiot that collects a bunch of sketches that ... I did this thing ... I sold a bunch of sketches online for just three dollars, I was trying to make a little money to pay rent. I ended up getting, like, over 900 sketch requests.




Yeah, it took me years to finish. And I'm a big, dumb, idiot. So the book's called Idiot. It should be coming out from Art of Fiction, which is a small boutique publisher out of Burbank, and that'll be out later this year or early next year.



What are some comics you're reading and what would you recommend to our readers?

Umm, my favorite comics this year were both Marvel comics. I like Wolverine and the X-Men a lot. And I thought all the Zeb Wells issues of Avenging Spider-Man were fucking amazing, so much fun. Independent comics ... I'm getting caught up on Scalped right now. I dunno if it's finished, or it's about to finish?

It just finished.

I've got all the trades, getting caught up on that. Jason Aaron's amazing ... and Stray Bullets is the best comic ever made!

That's a Hell of a recommendation!

Yup, I definitely recommend that!

Well, Tony, we appreciate your time and we'll definitely be on the lookout for American Goth Chick and Fred Steinberg, Champion of the Earth.

No, problem. Nice talking to you!



Be sure to catch Tony's variant covers to Lost Vegas and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and his full interiors on My Little Pony: Fluttershy, on sale now!

And make sure you drop by our Contests section for your chance to win this awesome "Adorable Tragedies" print featuring the Transformers, signed by Tony!

Checked out any of Tony's work? Let us know what you think.

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