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Number 1 Bullets: 10-29-14


Each week, we take an early look at the new first issues from Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW, Image, and Valiant Comics to share our thoughts and let you know what we think you should pick up. Since there's only one #1 this week from Image, Rasputin (we weren't able to get our hands on the new Baltimore series from Dark Horse), we're throwing in a bonus review of Archer & Armstrong #25 from Valiant. Take it away, Geoff D. and Joe Kach!

This week's comics are Rasputin #1 and Archer & Armstrong #25.  



Rasputin #1 (Image)-

4 out of 5

This latest number one from Image Comics, written by Alex Grecian with art by Riley Rossmo, tells the story of Rasputin.  A legendary figure from Russian history, Rasputin was regarded as a mystic and a faith healer.  Born to a peasant family and rising to be an influential figure to Romanovs, Rasputin was eventually killed by the people of Russia for his part in Russia's despair during WWI.  Based on true-ish events, this comic sets out to tell the slightly fantastical tale of his life and rise to power.  The first issue was thoroughly captivating and as soon as I read it I went straight to Wikipedia to learn more about the real figure.  The real stand-out though is the art.  Rossmo's art is absolutely fantastic and beautifully sets the stage and mood for this dark, Russian epic.  While not the most gripping issue number one with regards to a cliff hanger or shocking last page, I'm definitely be looking forward to the next issue. (Geoff)



Bonus Review: Archer & Armstrong #25 (Valiant)-


Not only was this comic a great a anniversary issue, it's also a great jumping on point into the world of Archer & Armstrong. With multiple creators including series mainstay Fred Van Lente, there's also John Layman, Justin Jordan, Clayton Henry, Pere Perez, Ray Fawkes and Ramon Villalobos in a comic packed to the brim with fantastic storytelling. The tales within cover past, present, and future, and also set the stage for some things to come with the villainous 1%. A very fun issue, with some short stories better than others, and those with no history with the characters can easily get on board. It's a shame there's no Archer & Armstrong #26 on the schedule yet, but we do have 1% one-shot coming up, plus the duo's escapades in The Delinquents. I am not sure where A&A go from here, but John Layman and Ramon Villalobos seem like the perfect creators to grab the baton and keep running with it. Pick this up, you won't regret it. (Joe)


Don't just take our word for it ... Pick up the comics yourself and let us know what you think!!


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