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Ramon Villalobos is no stranger to our site.  Over the last couple of years, Ramon's cut his teeth at Marvel Comics, working on titles like Age of Ultron and Original Sins. Ramon recently wrapped up work on the anniversary issue of Archer & Armstrong, so we checked in on his experiences working with Valiant Comics' Dynamic Duo.


MightyVille: Were you a fan of the Valiant titles in the 1990s, and if so, which ones stood out to you the most?

Ramon Villalobos: Nah, I didn't read much comics in the '90s, so I missed out on that movement. But in going back, those Barry Windsor-Smith Archer & Armstrong books are pretty freaking great.

How did your relationship with Valiant Comics start?

My editor Josh Johns emailed me about working for Valiant and I had some time to go do that, so it all just worked out.  




What did you enjoy most about illustrating Archer & Armstrong #25?

John Layman wrote a really great script with a nice blend of action and comedy, which i think suits the way I draw. So working with him and colorist David Baron was definitely the best part. [Editor's Note: Check out our review of Archer & Armstrong #25 here!]

Which other Valiant character or characters would you like to draw?

Bloodshot looks super rad and I would love to draw him some time.




Who wins in a fight: Armstrong or Dr. Who?

Armstrong! Never seen an episode of Dr. Who, but from what I understand, he's half of Armstrong's size.

What do you have coming up next, in our outside of the Valiant Universe?

I've got a Dark Horse Presents story I'm working on and something I can't talk about quite yet that's gonna be kinda crazy!




Thanks again, Ramon! 


What Valiant title do you want to see Ramon work on next? Let us know below.


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