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#1 BULLETS: 03-23-16


Geoff and Joe take on another round of Number 1 Bullets Comic Reviews and this time it's CIRCUIT BREAKER #1, THE SHADOW GLASS #1, BLOODSHOT REBORN ANNUAL #1, G.I. JOE: DEVIATIONS #1, and HYPERION #1!



CIRCUIT-BREAKER #1 #1 (Image Comics)-

2.0 Stars

Image Comics has had a steady stream of new creator owned titles coming out lately with some being hits and some being missed, this week it is CIRCUIT-BREAKER #1 and unfortunately this one falls into the latter category. Written by Kevin McCarthy with art by Kyle Baker, CIRCUIT-BREAKER is set in future Japan that is the last refuge of a war torn world. Readers are introduced to a society that hates robots and views them as the source of the planet's woes, while sentient robots have an equally disdainful view of their human oppressors. Enter Chiren, our protagonist who at first glance is a normal young girl but turns out to be a robot designed by the man who created the super sized war machines that were the source of so much death in the world. This book has a heavy anime influence in both the storytelling and the art, neither of which is a good thing. The idea of the book is one that we have seen so many times whether it's Astro Boy or Mazinger and CIRCUIT-BREAKER brought nothing new to the table by the end of the first issue that made me want to come back for more. Humans hate robots, robots hate humans, and the little cute girl robot is stuck in between worlds and must rise above it all. I also was not a fan of the art style. The huge doe eyed look with overly animated characters and poor backgrounds did not look good and some panels were just outright poorly done. I cannot think of many to recommend this title too outside of manga super fans who might want to give it a shot. (Geoff)


THE SHADOW GLASS #1 (Dark Horse Comics)- 

5.0 Stars.gif

Journey back to the 16th century with the latest number one issue from Dark Horse Comics; THE SHADOW GLASS #1. Written and drawn by Aly Fell, THE SHADOW GLASS is a tale of a young women whose origins and place in the world are wrapped in mystery. Thomas Hughes has returned from the New World with a powerful artifact that can be used as a conduit to the other side and he uses this piece of magic to draw forth a demon into the body of the his friends wife that he has seduced. Young Rosalind is the product of this torrid affair and when we catch up with her 20 years hence she has become a powerful independent woman. All that she knows crumbles when the secrets of the birth parents are revealed to her and in her flight to find answers she is confronted with those secrets face to face. THE SHADOW GLASS is a great period piece that really draws the reader into its setting. The art and dialogue do a fantastic job of setting up a truly believable world with both endearing and despicable characters. There are a lot of people to get to know in a short time and this fact combined with a 20 year time jump after the first few pages could have lead to disorganized storytelling but Fell pulls it off without a hitch. This is mainly due to the amazing character work she presents on the page. Faces are detailed and lifelike in a way that the reader never has to second guess who is who even after the time jump that results in aged appearances. Everything about this title exudes quality and in just one issue the author has drawn me in like the pilot to a riveting TV drama. This is a title that everyone should check out and see if it grabs them as it did me. (Geoff)



4.0 Stars.gif

Valiant Comics has released the BLOODSHOT REBORN ANNUAL for 2016, a collection of short stories from creators such as Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes, Michel Fiffe, and Benjamin Marra. The primary story by Jeff Lemire is the star of the show for sure featuring Bloodshot vs Jacob, the Silver Lake slasher. A riff on the Friday the 13th movie series, Bloodshot is sent in to face a mask wearing monster that has been been murdering campers for years. Once contact is made the situation is revealed to be far more complicated than a simple 80's slasher movie and the story takes a rather awesome turn. Other tales include a humorous jab and Marvel and DC comics and their multiverse events, a somber look at the internal strife of Jacob from the first story, and a fun retro look back to an older style of comic book storytelling. The short story by Lemire is worth the price of entry alone which makes the rest of the book icing on the cake. All of it was entertaining even to someone like myself who is not a reader of the Bloodshot stand alone book. There is more than enough context to figure out what is going on and nothing too deep that a new reader would get lost. In fact, this might be something readers who are new Valiant Comics might want to grab to see if they like brand and they would even get a chance to read some rather funny fourth wall breaking accounts of the publishing staff themselves including CEO Dinesh Shamdasani. (Geoff)


HYPERION #1 (Marvel Comics)-

4.0 Stars.gif

The new number ones from Marvel Comics are slowing to a trickle but this week we have HYPERION #1, written by Chuck Wendig with art by Nik Verella. Hyperion is the only member of the Squadron Supreme that was a primary player in the events that led up to Secret Wars and throughout Hickman's entire run we never really learned much about him as a person. We knew he was a refugee from a dead universe but he was always portrayed as distant and unsure of himself and where he fit in this new world. Now, having teamed up with the rest of the Squadron he seems to have found his place though their violent proactive approach to justice seems to be slightly outside of his comfort zone. In a plot device carried over from the SQUADRON SUPREME comic Hyperion has taken on the name Marc and begun a new life as a truck driver in an attempt to get to know the real america. This is how he ends up crossing paths with Doll, a young runaway who knows his true self and seeks out his protection from her violent 'family'. HYPERION is an interesting look into a man who is most definitely lost. A man who ripped Namor's head off with his bare hands spends the majority of this issue avoiding violence at all costs but turns murderous when finally pushed over the line. While this dichotomy is interesting the only fault is that as a reader I don't really care enough about Hyperion as a character to have much vested interest in his stand alone stories. For me he has the same problems as Superman, he is so immensely powerful that not once in this issue was he ever truly in danger from a band of deranged carnies. So if this book is delves more into his psyche and how he is dealing with his cosmic displacement I think it has a chance of telling some interesting stories that have not been told, if it becomes a Superman comic it will fade fast. The first issue is good and I am going to give it a few more to see where it goes. (Geoff)


G.I. JOE: DEVIATIONS #1 (IDW Publishing)-


A tongue-in-cheek take on a really interesting concept: What happens if COBRA actually defeated G.I. Joe and achieved global domination? That's the question in this issue of DEVIATIONS. the answer is quite clever, so I don't want to give too much away. Anyone familiar with G.I. Joe should check this out. Paul Allor does a good job playing up real world politics balanced with irreverent humor. The art wasn't my cup to joe (pun intended). It seems like a stylistic choice, but to be intentionally sketchy and unrefined doesn't fit the tone of G.I. Joe very well. Like I said, this is a fun read with thoughtful events. Give it a look! (Joe)



Don't just take our word for it. Grab the books yourself and let us know what you think!


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