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This is a huge week for DC Comics as it sees the release of the first wave of Rebirth titles but Marvel will not be outdone as they launch the first issue of Civil War II. Check out our opinions on CONTROL #1, THE SHADOW: THE DEATH OF MARGO LANE #1, BEBOP AND ROCKSTEADY: DESTROY EVERYTHING #1, REBIRTH: GREEN LANTERNS #1, REBIRTH: BATMAN #1, REBIRTH: GREEN ARROW #1, REBIRTH: SUPERMAN #1, and CIVIL WAR II #1.



CONTROL #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)-

4.0 Stars

Dynamite Entertainment debuts CONTROL #1 this week from creators Andy Diggle and Angela Cruickshank. Washington D.C. is a perfect settings for a story about power, corruption, and murder. Detective Kate Burnham and her partner stumble onto a hit that results in the the death of two officers and leaves her with a trail of breadcrumbs that lead directly to a powerful U.S. Senator caught in a quite compromising position. Andy Diggle has written a comic that really feels like a movie script in its pacing and character work. There is no hero or villain, just a cop falling into the middle of a black hole of lies and corruption while those around her second guess her every move. The book is dark with excellent art by Angela Cruickshank. She echoes the bleak tone of the narrative with a sketchy line work and results in lots of emotional expression and limited background detail. Colors are rather monotone with lots of grays and blacks further adding to the mood. This was an enjoyable read and an interesting start to the story. If you are a fan of Brubaker's Criminal or other noir inspired comics I think you should pick this issue up..


THE SHADOW: THE DEATH OF MARGO LANE #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)-

3.0 Stars.gif

Matt Wagner writes and drawn the latest The Shadow mini series for Dynamite Entertainment; THE SHADOW: THE DEATH OF MARGO LANE #1. There is a surge of criminal activity down near the docs and The Shadow is on the case. Using his contacts and the assistance of Margo Lane, The Shadow travels to the other side of the world to find clues about the mysterious Red Empress. Despite his powers and his connections The Red Empress is still one step ahead of Lamont Cranston and this time it might cost him that which he holds most dear. Wagner has delivered a fun story steeped in the long legacy of The Shadow. While there is nothing truly original or groundbreaking in this first issue it does do a good job of setting up yet another villain and mystery for Cranston to best. The art as well is solid with strong thick pencil lines and a heavy use of red and black. THE SHADOW: THE DEATH OF MARGO LANE #1 will please existing fans of The Shadow but I do not think it will being in too many new readers due to its lack of backstory on exactly who Lamont Cranston is or why he seeks justice against the criminal underworld.



3.0 Stars.gif

Just in time for their big screen debut IDW has released BEBOP AND ROCKSTEADY: DESTROY EVERYTHING #1 from creators Ben Bates, Dustin Weaver, and a host of artists. Time lords, dinosaurs, ninja turtles, huge mutants, and time travel all wrapped up into one crazy dialogue heavy issue. Bebop and Rocksteady are down and out. With no foot clan they are jumping from job to job until they get their hands on a time scepter and cross paths with the turtles only to unexpectedly end up drifting through time with huge consequences. Tons of action, fun turtle banter, and a ridiculous plot make for a pretty fun read though the excessive narration and general wordiness of everyone gets a bit old by the end of the issue. The art is well done though it appears each issue will be featuring a different art team and I am one who finds that lack of consistency bothersome, especially when it is just a five issue mini series. Fan of the current turtles comics will enjoy this title as it focuses on two of the most well known thugs in their universe, though to me it feels like a quick movie cash in that hovers just above 'OK".



5.0 Stars.gif

DC Comics begins the Rebirth event this week with REBIRTH: GREEN LANTERNS #1 written by Geoff Johns and ongoing writer Sam Humphries with art by Ethan Van Sciver and Ed Benes. The plural nature of the title means that this book will focus on two green lanterns working together, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz. Both are new and raw recruits charged with protecting the Earth while Hal Jordan is off in space facing a larger threat. I feel that focusing on the two newest lanterns in a step in the right direction for the Green Lantern books as a whole. Baz was introduced by Johns but has barely been used since his debut and Jessica Cruz is a really interesting character that was a major focus of the recent Darkseid War event. Both are head strong with a lot to prove while at the same time very flawed and interesting characters. The backdrop for this setup issue is a test of sorts, the two lanterns face off against a Manhunter robot only to realize it was orchestrated by Hal Jordan as a way to see if they were ready to protect the planet on their own. Their failure results in their power batteries being fused together as one thus forcing them to work together and learn to function as a team. The art from cover to cover is absolutely top shelf and a treat for the eyes. This book is DC Comics putting its top tier talent center stage and it shows from the engrossing story to the stunning pencil work. Out of the four Rebirth titles to be released this week REBIRTH: GREEN LANTERNS #1 shares the top spot with Green Arrow and is a must grab for all comic fans.



3.0 Stars.gif

Scott Synder's epic run on Batman comes to a close as he shares writing duties with new scribe Tom King in REBIRTH: BATMAN #1 from DC Comics. This Rebirth issue works as a stand alone story featuring Calendar Man as the antagonist while Bruce Wayne shepherds his newest recruit Duke into a role in the bat family. Calendar Man is used as a metaphor of sorts to symbolize the current changes Batman himself has gone through since being killed by the Joker only to take back the mantel of the bat in time to take down Mr. Bloom. Throughout the issue Calendar Man is growing old and being reborn, each time slightly different from who he was before just as Batman is constantly reinventing himself to stay ahead of the villains who threaten Gotham City. The plot itself does not really feel like a change in direction for the title other than bringing Duke into the fold as a new costumed hero, but it does seek to reestablish Batman as the driving force in his own book and a force to be reckoned with. The art by Mikel Janin is exceptional and I hope we will see more of him in the future. The pencil work is second to none and his use of panels to convey frenetic action is a real treat for the eyes. REBIRTH: BATMAN #1 is a solid title but it fails to carry any real weight as a stand alone issue. I feel that most readers could jump on board with Tom King's Batman #1 and feel that it was a smooth transition from Synder's work without the Rebirth issue.



5.0 Stars.gif

The surprise hit of the week is REBIRTH: GREEN ARROW #1 from the creative team who will be heading the new ongoing series; Benjamin Percy and Otto Schmidt. Oliver Queen seems to have been aged a few years and is happily sporting his classic Goatee look in a new costume inspired by the Arrow TV show. Thankfully, that is where the similarities end. This Green Arrow feels like the classic Oliver Queen from the pre-new 52 universe and he is paired up with the only blonde that belongs in his life; Black Canary. Green Arrow and Black Canary are one of the best all time comic book couples and their interactions have been sorely missed as of late. Percy brings them together in such a way that readers will wonder why it took to long in the first place. Both are on the trail of recent missing persons cases that mostly involve the poor and homeless only to find out they are being sold as slave labor in an underground market. This injustice hits close to home for both our heroes and as they team up to stop it they sense that they are meant to be in each others lives culminating in a final panel that comic book readers have been waiting years for. The art by Schmidt is great in a sketchy style with loose pencils and tons of detail. The panel to panel action is dynamic and the facial expression is top notch. I really loved this book and it felt like a return for two characters who were not well served by the new-52 reboot. Everyone needs to pick this issue up, especially fans of Arrow who like me have given up on the show. This is the Oliver Queen and Dinah Laurel Lance we have wanted from the start and you will have a smile on your face as you read it from cover to cover.



4.0 Stars.gif

One of the largest changes for DC Comics comes this week via REBIRTH: SUPERMAN #1. Written by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason with art by Doug Mahnke, this issues finalizes the death of one Superman and the rise of the Superman of old who will replace him. The young and impulsive Superman of the new 52 universe never quite felt right to fans of the character and his recent death leaves room for another to step in and take his place. In this case that falls to the Clark Kent of old who found a home in the DC Universe after the events of the Convergence crossover. This was the Clark who was married to Lois Lane and had a young son, this is Superman who chose to remain in the shadows to protect his family and not alter the events of his new home. However, now that the new 52 Superman is dead this other Clark Kent will seek to replace him as Earth's mightiest protector. This is probably one of, if not the, biggest change that Rebirth will bring to DC Comics and it is one I am a big fan of. Much like the recent movies, the Superman of the new 52 universe never felt like the beacon of hope comic book readers expect Superman to be and this is a chance to bring that back. Even though this might not be the best comic released this week it really is one that everyone needs to pick up. I am hoping this will be the return of the Superman that inspires hope and leads the Justice League by example. Truth, Justice, you know...all that stuff!


CIVIL WAR II #1 (Marvel Comics)-

5.0 Stars.gif

It is summer event time at Marvel Comics and CIVIL WAR II #1 is out this week to mark the occasion. Written by Marvel superstar Brian Michael Bendis this new riff between heroes in centered upon differences between Captain Marvel and Iron Man. There is a new Inhuman who can see the future and Carol Danvers and her Ultimates decide to use this ability to take a more proactive stance on super heroics while Tony Stark feels that going out and looking for fights will only lead to trouble. This divide is solidified when Rhodey is killed attempting to ambush Thanos along with Captain Marvel and thus the lines are drawn between those who would seek out problems and those who would rather react to them. Just like the first Civil War event this one has managed to create a real crisis with real repercussions that would drive a real divide between close friends. There is real emotion in this issue and by the end I really felt for Captain Marvel and once again I find myself viewing Tony Stark as the asshole. With all that said, the great part is that I can totally see how someone would disagree and be on team Iron Man. David Marquez kills it on art, absolutely kills it!. The final images of Carol Danvers beaten and crying over the death of her lover and the hospitalization of her friend were gut wrenching especially when you realize that it was a fight she sought out. Everything about this issue was a home run and everyone should go pick it up. As a final note, I would also advise readers who are interested to pick up the free comic book day Civil War preview issue as well as the zero issue because they really flesh out the narrative.


Don't just take our word for it. Grab the books yourself and let us know what you think!


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