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Mightyville was lucky enough to score an interview with writer Jeff Parker when he showed up to sign comics and meet fans on Free Comic Book Day at World’s Coolest Comics in Greenville, NC. Jeff Parker’s latest works include a run on the current Aquaman comic, Batman ‘66 volume 1, and the recently released Future Quest featuring all our favorite characters from the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons.


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MightyVille: What did you think about Free Comic Book Day? Why did you agree to participate so far from home?

Jeff Parker:I hadn’t been to Greenville in 20 years and wanted to see it again, so when World’s Coolest offered to bring me out I agreed. They did such a terrific job with FCBD and have a very welcoming store to new comics readers. I watched them talk to a lot of people who’d never been in a comics shop before, helping customers find something that would be up their alley. Perfect location too, right next to the movie theatre.

I read in your bio that your experience growing up in the NC woods were adapted in the movie The Witch. Is that true? What other myths about you are out there?

No, that’s a typical prank, a lot of my friends tend to mess with my wiki page. It’s way out of date, I need it made current but you’re not supposed to do it yourself. I’m also often presented as a mechanical genius when I’m really just so-so at repairs, but I tweet about it some. It’s interesting how readers often build a story around you.

What got you into comics as a child?

I instantly liked them when I saw any, and luckily my dad owned a grocery store which had a spinner rack full of comics. So I often sat on the Coke cooler and read when I had to hang out at the store. You’d think I’d have a huge collection of the books, but I usually put them back on the rack because we needed to sell them. The best thing about it was that it led to me reading a wide variety of comics. Like, all of them.

What was the moment that you thought “wow I can do this, I can be a comic book writer”?

I think I assumed it from elementary school! Even though I didn’t know anyone who actually did this work. But once I was in college I started driving to comics conventions and shows and meeting creators, and understanding how the process worked. I needed to meet editors and convince them to hire me, but first I needed to make stories to show them I could actually do it.

Have you had other jobs? And if so what did you do?

I’ve done lots of work as an artist, I drew storyboards for TV animation and live action commercials and videos when I lived in Los Angeles. Early on I did stuff like sand gym floors and drive delivery vans when art wasn’t paying enough.

What are you reading these days? Do you have any particular writers or series that you follow?

I’m big on following another ECU grad, Jason LaTour who writes Spider-Gwen for Marvel and draws a book called Southern Bastards. He’s a huge talent.

Future Quest #1 is coming out soon, how has it been teaming up with Evan Shaner again?

I am always ready to work with Shaner, we click together really well on stories. He’s gone up even another level, his art has so much charm and vitality.

Are you trying to bring Jonny Quest and the other Hanna-Barbera characters from the 60’s into a modern day setting or are you embracing their campy roots?

Both? It is the modern day but we don’t throw out the qualities that make them fun- it’s all about the tone you use in the story that holds elements like that together. I liken it to Pixar material like The Incredibles in that way.

Anything else you might want to share….?

It looks like after a couple of days our book is a huge hit! I want to thank everyone there who picked it up this week.


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Thank you so much to Jeff Parker for taking the time to speak with us and thanks to World Coolest Comics for hosting a fantastic Free Comic Book Day!!


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