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GREEN ARROW #1 leads the charge as the new number one issues from DC Comics begin to roll out. We also take a look at TRANSFORMERS: TILL ALL ARE ONE #1, YOGA HOSERS: WHEN COLLEENS COLLIDE #1, TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE #1, TITANS REBIRTH #1, SUPERMAN #1, GREEN LANTERNS #1, and BATMAN #1.




3.0 Stars

The Transformers franchise is alive at well at IDW comics and this week kicks off a new series written by Mairghread Scott with art by Sara Pitre-Durdcher. Starscream rules Cybertron in a time of relative peace. Autobots and Decepticons have put their differences aside for a better world while peacekeepers referred to as the Badgeless keep everyone in line. This fragile truce is starting to break as more and more citizen are fed up with Starscream's control and his faceless enforcers. A plot is hatched in the name of the fallen Combaticon Swindle to force the issue and stage a murder that paints the ruling body in a bad light. The political turmoil and backstabbing in this issue is rather entertaining but as a new reader I am completely lost as to who most of the characters are. Outside of the recognizable names of Ironhide, Starscream, and Blurr I had no idea who anyone else was or where their alliances lay. I can recognize this is a well written story that leans heavily on the events of the past few years of Transformers comics but it is fairly impenetrable for new readers. The art is well done with slick versions of known characters and good coloring but so many characters are featured that by the end it all kind of blended together. If you have been following the IDW Transformers comics pick this issue up because it seems to be the start of a rather major change, if you have not then you might want to pick up some trades that will bring you up to speed with the new characters before diving into this one.


YOGA HOSERS: WHEN COLLEENS COLLIDE #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)-

2.0 Stars.gif

Timed for release with his new Yoga Hosers movie Kevin Smith has penned an origin story for the two main characters and released it through Dynamite Entertainment. This stand alone issue picks up just before the new movie begins and then flashes back the when the two girls met and follows them up through high school. The establishment of their relationship is endearing and the high school portion of the story lays the groundwork for the male heart throb character that will be in the movie. The dialogue is fast and fun and full of quips as one would expect from Kevin Smith but the overabundance of Canada jokes and phrases wore thin by the fourth page. I love Kevin Smith, I do... but this book was not funny or clever. It felt like someone telling a joke that they think is hilarious but it falls flat on the rest of the room. I applaud him for taking chances with these new crazy Canadian movies but I also understand they are not for me and that is fine. The cartooning by Jeff Quigly is really fun to look at and was the highlight of the book. If you are a reader who really enjoyed Tusk and you are eagerly anticipating Yoga Hosers then you should check this out. All other readers including fans of Kevin Smith might was to take a pass.



4.0 Stars.gif

The creators of the smash horror hit Locke and Key, Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, are bringing the horror anthology series TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE #1 to IDW Comics. Originally pitched as a TV show similar to The Outer Limits or The Twilight Zone, Tales From the Darkside has found a home at IDW and will feature stand alone stories in one or two issue arcs. This first story is about hubris, guilt, and how hard it can be to finally do the right thing. It all plays out in a well told and well written short story with a twist ending that will make readers think. The art is great featuring a wide range of emotion with exceptional panel work that build on the intensity of the scene. I am honestly quite amazed at just how well this kind of story works in the comic book format. It reminds me of Strange Tales or Tales of Horror and I hope it sells well and finds a niche of its own. I think anyone who likes the book or television series mentioned in this review should pick up TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE #1 and enjoy a comic that begins and ends in one singular well told issue.



5.0 Stars.gif

An issue steeped in nostalgia, TITANS REBIRTH #1 from DC Comics features Wally West as a character lost in time and lost in publication. Writer Dan Abnett frames the return of Wally as he tries to connect with the Titans, formally the Teen Titans before the DC reboot. As was the case in Rebirth and Flash Rebirth Wally's old friends do not recognize him until he touches them and then a flood of memories from stolen years come rushing back. Abnett leans heavily on nostalgia with each memory being a touching scene between friends long lost and as a fan of the Teen Titans these relationships have been sorely missed. Again the focus of the story surrounding Wally is that he is the only one aware of this lost time and the looming threat that it represents but now he has the support of his best friends and teammates and they intend to meet it head on. Brett Booth kills it on art especially in the flashback scenes. Those old costumes are so great and the best sequence in the book is watching Wally and Dick reminisce about taking the Batmobile for a joyride. This issue serves to both bring readers who are only familiar with the new 52 up to speed on these classic relationships as well as to give long time fans what they have been missing for years and Abnett handles it beautifully. With Wally West being a focal point of this entire event this is really a book that everyone needs to check out, I promise you won't be disappointed.


GREEN ARROW #1 (DC Comics)-

5.0 Stars.gif

GREEN ARROW #1 from DC Comics is absolutely fantastic! Benjamin Percy builds on the Rebirth issue and delivers a version of Oliver Queen that this Green Arrow fan has been missing for years. Jeff Lemire's run was very good but Percy just hits it out of the park with style and substance. The lost and downtrodden are going missing in Seattle and Green Arrow is on the case with Black Canary. When the twists and turns lead to shady financials in Queen Industries, familial betrayals, and the return of long lost loves Oliver Queen is truly pushed to his physical and emotional limits. I cannot stress enough how much this series is a return to form for Green Arrow. Having Dinah Lance back as a love interest just seems to complete Oliver and it has been way too long since we have seen the phrase "Pretty Bird" in print. Another aspect of Green Arrow that was missing from the new 52 is the good community work that Oliver Queen does with his fortune and that is back in full effect as well. With the last season of Arrow being a complete shit show and the previous Green Arrow comic having lived and died with Lemire's run I am so glad that Percy has breathed life into this series again. I think this is my favorite book of the Rebirth event so far because it not only brings a character back to the one long time fans love and know but it also is a perfect book for new readers to get on board with. The art by Otto Schmidt is as solid as the writing and features a look pencil sketch style that is perfectly matched by with a flat color style. Panel to panel action flows well and the characters are exceptionally well represented. I know I am gushing but everything about GREEN ARROW #1 is exactly what I was hoping for. Ollie is back, Dinah is back, the goatee is back, and Felicity is nowhere to be seen.


SUPERMAN #1 (DC Comics)-

5.0 Stars.gif

The reception of the New 52 version of Superman was less than stellar and DC Comics has tasked Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason to bring the world's first superhero back to form in SUPERMAN #1. Clark Kent is dead and now an older more seasoned Clark Kent from a parallel universe is stepping in to fill his cape because everyone knows that Earth needs a Superman. Married to Lois Lane and living under the radar with their young son Jon this Superman will put his family at risk to do what he knows needs to be done. At the risk of sounding like a broken record this book is another welcome course correction for a character that was never well represented in the new 52 universe. Free of the self doubt and angst of his younger counterpart this new Superman finally feels like someone other heroes will look up to and one who is sure enough in himself to lead the Justice League. The unique twist in this title is the emergence of kryptonian powers in Clark's young son. In a very emotional and rather hard to look at series of events Jon Kent it forced to come face to face with the power that resides inside of him and what it can do if he does not learn to control it. It seems this new Superman title will look at not only how Clark can protect the Earth but also how he can protect and guide his son. Never before has Superman been this vulnerable and at this much risk of exposure. As powerful as he is he cannot be everywhere at once and he cannot save the world while at the same time protecting his family. Gleason's art is bold with strong pencils and the bright colors compliment it very well. The panels portraying the explosion of power from young Jon are by far the best in he book and really drive home the emotional impact of the scene. This new Superman title, like Green Arrow, is just such a welcome return to a character that seems to have been missing for years. Adding the family dynamic to Superman is a great idea and hopefully will add a much needed vulnerability to the strongest and most powerful character in comics. Whether you want to stick with it or not this issue is one that all comic fans should check out.



3.0 Stars.gif

DC Comics has handed over writing duties to Sam Humphries for GREEN LANTERNS #1 and the result is... OK. Simon Baz will go down in history as one of the strangest additions to comic book lore and some would say the same for Jessica Cruz yet here they are co-starring as the primary Green Lantern protectors of sector 2814. Simon and Jessica are both called to an alien incursion in the American Southwest when they stumble upon a multiple homicide complicated by the appearance of a Red Lantern rage infestation. Their inexperience and short tempers get the best of them and before they know it ARGUS has taken over the scene and threatened Baz with imprisonment. The existing conflict between Simon Baz and the government and Jessica Cruz and her inner demons make these two a very unlikely pair of super heroes but this conflict is the most captivating part of the narrative. Both of these characters are broken and their struggle to live up to the calling of the corps would be an interesting slant to take but instead we are given the overused rage of the Red Lanterns as a foil. There is a brief mention of the original source of power referenced in the Rebirth issue and this feels like a more noteworthy story than another color fight between the Green and Red Lanterns but we will have to wait and see if that story pans out. Art by Robson Rocha is very strong and a pleasure for the eyes from cover to cover but the strong start of the story in the Rebirth issue is not followed up this first entry to the main line series. There is plenty of potential in this series and I will definitely pick up issue number two but as a stand alone review of the comic I read this week I stand by the fact that it felt thin and predictable.


BATMAN #1 (DC Comics)-

4.0 Stars.gif

Tom King made a huge splash with his amazing work on Vision for Marvel Comics and now he has taken on an even more ambitious challenge by following up Scott Snyder in DC Comics relaunch of BATMAN #1. King delivers an action packed thrill ride of a first issue that plays out similarly to a tone establishing action scene in modern comic book movies. Kobra terrorists on the loose, a plane coming down in the heart of the city, and only Batman can save Gotham ...or so he thinks. The new capes in Gotham are no secret to readers who have seen their superman-esque costumes in promotional material and in the cover art but they are quite a shock to Bruce as they save him at the last minute announcing Gotham is now under their protection. Tom King's Batman is precise and and very matter of fact in this issue yet still demonstrates the emotions buried deep when he is forced to contemplate his own death. With the entire issue being one action scene from start to finish and the reveal of the newcomers as a splash page cliffhanger there is not much room to dive deep in a story sense but King's work in the past gives me confidence that Batman is in good hands. David Finch has been hit or miss on art lately but seems to have taken a slightly different approach to the new Batman series. The hulking and detailed characters have been toned down and more attention given to the city itself. Gotham City is beautifully detailed and truly stands out as a character of its own. While not the best number one of the week this is a strong start for the new Batman series and I hope Finch can maintain his pace on art without the quality suffering too much.


Don't just take our word for it. Grab the books yourself and let us know what you think!


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