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Geoff takes a look at a new batch of first issues, this time it's AQUAMAN #1, SHE WOLF #1, THE FLASH #1, WONDER WOMAN #1, and ACTION MAN #1.



AQUAMAN #1 (DC Comics)-

4.0 Stars

Arthur Curry's latest attempt to bridge the gap between the surface world and Atlantis will unfold in the relaunch of Aquaman from DC Comics. Writer Dan Abnett spends the majority of the first issue laying the framework for the distrust between the two worlds as seen through the eyes of those attending a press conference at the new Atlantis embassy located in New England. With Mera at his side Aquaman meets with press and representatives from governments around the world in an effort to smooth relations after the devastating attack his brother Orm lead against the surface a year ago. Just when things appear to be going well Black Manta attacks the conference seeking to hurt Arthur in the worst way possible. Abnett really made me feel for Aquaman in this issue. He and Mera are trying to so hard to convince both sides that hostilities between their peoples must cease in order to move forward and just when dialogue appears to be working Black Manta steps in to seek revenge. The inclusion of a reader's perspective is done via a young British Naval officers who is rather awe struck at the entire affair. She is befriended by an Atlantean guard and their brief exchange demonstrates the future Arthur so desperately wants. The plot moves quickly and will serve any new readers well though I would advise that anyone jumping on with this relaunch go back and find the individual character Rebirth issue as it sets the table for both the political conflict as well as the relationships between Arthur, Mera, and Black Manta. The art by Andrew Hennessy is very strong including very detailed characters and excellent panel to panel movement. The art particularly shines during the last few action packed pages. AQUAMAN #1 was a very solid start for a character DC has been struggling to bring to the forefront of their brand.


SHE WOLF #1 (Image Comics)-

2.0 Stars.gif

Image Comics has released the first issue of Rich Tammaso's creator owned series She Wolf and it hits your local comic book store this week. The title focuses on a young girl named Gabby and opens with her witnessing the tragic death of her friend Brian after her turned into a werewolf. It is not long before suspicion is cast in her direction and it turns out that her wound inflicted upon her in the initial attack has left her as a werewolf herself. Besides that there is really not much story here to grab on to for readers. We follow her to school and the beach and witness some awkward interactions with family and friends as the reality of her transformation dawns on her. The problem is that by the last page the only thought I had was "who cares?". Nothing about Gabby as a character stuck with me or made me interested in what she is going through. The art does not help either, it is super stylized and out of proportion to such a degree that I found it off putting and distracting from what little story there was. I think this is one of those cases where in I run into a new title that is just absolutely not aimed at me and the story the creator is trying to tell is just lost. I did not like this book at all but perhaps it will find an audience, if you are in the mood for something different and a bit esoteric you might want to pick this first issue up and see how you like it.


THE FLASH #1 (DC Comics)-

5.0 Stars.gif

After the world shattering revelations surrounding Wally West and The Flash in the Rebirth issues DC Comics is getting back to basic storytelling with THE FLASH #1. Writer Joshua Williamson dials back and moves the focus from reality altering timelines to a more Barry Allen focused story. Barry gets a new case with strong similarities to the death of his mother and this touches upon a prevalent theme in The Flash, the fact that Barry is never fast enough to save everyone. He is the fastest man alive and yet still continuously late due to his attempts to always be two places at once. The end of the issue brings this theme to sharp focus as Barry is too late to save a friend and witnesses his evolution into what appears to be a new superhuman. As I stated before, Williamson touches on the death of Nora Allen as well as the lightning strike that gave The Flash his powers and therefore this is a very new reader friendly issue. The turmoil with Wally West and the Rebirth issues is mentioned in passing with enough information to clue readers in but without taking focus away from the central plot. The art by Carmine Di Giandomenico really stands out especially his depictions of speed and movement. The use of lightning and blur when Barry is running is really something to be seen and the way the new costume design works the use of this lightning into the paneling of the suit is a great compromise between the flat red of the old costume and the more armored look of the new 52 costume. This was a strong first issue that brings in a new supporting cast and quickly gets to the core of who Barry Allen is and the demons he lives with.


WONDER WOMAN #1 (DC Comics)-

5.0 Stars.gif

The Wonder Woman run by Brian Azzarello was one of the high points of the new 52 relaunch and it completely redefined the character as we know her. Now DC Comics has released a new WONDER WOMAN #1 from Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp and for the second time in a row this series is rebooted with amazing results. Picking up directly where the Rebirth issue left off Diana is out to find answers of her conflicted past. The story of her origin and her life keep changing in her mind so she is going to get answers and her journey begins in a most unlikely place. Rucka Parallels Diana's search for truth with a story involving Steve Trevor and his black ops team. As Wonder Woman is fighting through the jungle in search of Cheetah, Steve Trevor is in the same location working on a case of his own. It is an interesting mix of the supernatural and the very human and there is no doubt their paths will cross. The only drawback to this issue is that the overall plot is not moved forward and by the time the last page is turned we are no closer to any of the answers Wonder Woman is seeking but the script is done so well and the dynamic between the two ongoing action scenes is so gripping that I did not mind. Sharp's art is absolutely stunning and if he can keep up this quality on this pace that is a name we will all be familiar with in the near future. Beautiful lines and fast action make this a treat for the eyes. Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 was a real high point and this first issue of the ongoing series has successfully lived up to its lofty goals. This is a must read, go check it out.


ACTION MAN #1 (IDW Publishing)-

3.0 Stars.gif

Universe spanning crossover events are the new hotness and IDW Publishing is getting into the business with the Hasbroverse in the multi book event Revolution. The first comic to release is ACTION MAN #1 written by John Barber with art by Paolo Villanelli. The original Action Man was killed in action and now his young replacement has taken the mantle but the only problem is there are many who blame him for the death of the original. I have no previous knowledge of Action Man as a toy or a comic book so I came into this book cold and still enjoyed it for what it was. It reads like a James Bond action hero title. Action Man is not a superhuman but he is highly trained with all the resources of his government at his disposal. The comic is very British and the script revels in its use of blokes and bollocks. Used as a blank slate Action Man makes for a fun light hearted adventure comic book and will now tie in with GI JOE, Transformers, and Mask in the upcoming event. The art from Paolo Villanelli is slightly exaggerated with a manga quality to it that pleasing to look at and the overly animated characteristics make for easy emotional queues. I think that if you are interested in this upcoming event from IDW that you should pick up at least this one issue as it serves as a solid introduction to the character.


Don't just take our word for it. Grab the books yourself and let us know what you think!


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