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MightyVille News launches this Wednesday, July 4th!

That hint of charcoal grill in the air; that electric extravaganza of nightline fireworks; the Stars and Stripes flowing bravely in the wind - it’s all for the big debut of MightyVille!! Well, ok, it’s really to celebrate Independence Day, but we like to think a little part of that holiday glee will be welcoming the hottest new comics website on the planet, We’ll go live this 4th of July, and will be bringing you so much amazing content, it will definitely be worthy of a celebration!

What do you have to look forward to at in less than a week? We know that fans aren’t all like “Comic Book Guy” from The Simpsons (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Today’s comics fans have wide and varied interests, and MightyVille will reflect that by featuring a wide variety of content to engage and entertain each and every one of you. Here’s just a start at what we’ll be bringing you:

One event that you may have heard a little about is the release of Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man film, just a day before goes live. We’ll be at the first midnight showing (AMC Mercado 20-3D IMAX in Santa Clara), letting you know whether the movie lived up to the expectations of the fans there, and for us. And what’s a major film release without related awesome goodies for our members? Register with the site in our first week, and you can enter to win these “amazing” Spidey giveaways: an Amazing Spider-Man T-Shirt, a Stuart Sayger signed Spider-Man print, copies of Spider-Men #1 and #2, or 2 sets of The Amazing Spider-Man MiniMates figures.

Along with our Spider-Man schwag, you can also enter to win signed Dexter and Cowboy Bebop prints by Tone Rodriguez. We caught up with Tone (The Simpsons, Futurama, Shadowhawk) at this summer’s Sac-Con, and he kindly signed prints for us while dishing on his experiences working with many of the industry’s writers, including celebrities Jane Wiedlin, Thomas Lennon, and Tyrese Gibson. Read our interview with the prolific artist on to find out more; then watch our exclusive “Live Art” video to learn some of his tricks as Tone draws an incredible Rocketeer for us.

But wait … there’s more!

• Find out if we think DC Comic’s Before Watchmen lives up to the hype and adds anything meaningful to its source material, the beloved Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. And if you happen to disagree with us … give us your review!

• If you’re not already a part of the Summer of Valiant, learn why you should be! We’ve got an article on the fiVe reasons the Valiant Relaunch shouldn’t be missed!

• Watch the pilot episode of The Geek Speak Video Show and listen to their popular weekly showcasts, all on our very own Geek Speak Show channel!

• Read our first Retailer Spotlight to learn why the San Francisco Bay Area loves Lee’s Comics!

• Check out what happened when we gathered together a group of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans and let them loose at the Cal Academy of Sciences for Nerds Nite Out!

As MightyVille visitors and members, you can count on us to bring you fun and varied content made specifically for comic book and graphic novel fans. Now we’re counting on you to visit the site once it launches this July 4th and to share your thoughts, opinions and input with us. We love to hear from you, so contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and don’t be shy when visiting the site. Thanks, and we’ll see you on the 4th!



Welcome to MightyVille’s newsletter!

MightyVille aims to be your #1 online stop for sharing and exploring your love of comics. Are you counting the days to see the next summer blockbuster portray The Amazing Spider-Man or how The Dark Knight Rises? Are you dying to find out what happens next in Image’s Fatale and Saga comics?  Or are you searching out a lesser-known, self-published comic because you love to discover something new? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then MightyVille is definitely the place for you!

MightyVille’s exciting content will indulge all your comic book interests. We’ll be bringing you interviews with amazing artists and writers, spotlighting comic retailers and fellow fans, along with sharing the team's interests and opinions (we know you want ‘em!) via commentaries and reviews. You’ll find links to fun articles, videos, and podcasts, as well as a calendar of upcoming events, for comics and graphic novel fans only. You can pass the time getting schooled by our comics trivia quizzes or browsing our “Cool Images” eye-candy gallery. And, last but not least, we will have TONS of contests with awesome prizes & giveaways!

Eventually, MightyVille will become an online community. Features will be added in the coming months that will allow each member to create their very own MightyVille profile page, letting the community know who/what they’re reading, drawing, blogging about, dressing as, or checking out. MightyVille will be a place where you can enjoy and explore comics alongside like-minded people, and we’re sure you’ll make a friend or two along the way.

So, THANK YOU again for helping us spread the word about the site. We’ll continue to let you know more details about MightyVille through this newsletter, which you’ll be receiving every few weeks. We look forward to sharing this experience with you, and encourage you to share your ideas and input with us. Send your suggestions our way to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Waiting for Wednesdays,
-The MightyVille Team

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MightyVille is designed to be an online location where comics fans can come to share and explore their love of comics and graphic novels. The site will keep you up-to-date with what’s going on in the vast universe of comics, whether you are into DC, Marvel, indie/self-published comics, or simply looking out for something new. Most-of-all, the main goal of MightyVille is to provide a fun and interactive experience for comics fans.

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