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Batman Figure Collection


Continue celebrating BATWEEK here on MightyVille with a rundown of our favorite Batman action figures.

We scoured the catalogs of our favorite retailers; we battled amongst each other during the vetting process; we toiled for hours ... to comprise this gathering of our favorite members of the miniature Batman army. The only rule was that each item had to be an action figure, meaning moving arms and legs, not just heads (Sorry Pop Heroes, you're cute, but more on the inaction side).

So, in somewhat of a particular order, here we go...

Justice League Unlimited Batman

Mattel's Batman from the Justice League Unlimited line. JLU is one of our favorite cartoons of all time, and this is Batman in a classic, animated Bruce Timm look.

Cosbaby Batman Begins

The folks at Hot Toys are, in our opinion, some of the best action figure designers on the planet. Meet Batman (and Bruce Wayne) from the "Cosbaby" Batman Begins line. Don't you wish you could pinch their cheeks?

 Classic Batman

If this figure evokes the word "classic" in you, that's because it's from Matttel's Batman Legacy line and is called ... "Classic Batman"! We dig this one because it combines a Batman of multiple eras: the early silver age, Darwyn Cooke's lovely New Frontier, and has that Adam West guffaw we all know and love.

Metz-It Batmen!

Are they cute? Are they tough? I don't know!! They're Mez-Itz!

Gotham by Gaslight

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight was a cool "Elseworlds" story before anyone knew what an "Elseworld" was. This Batman figure from that storyline by DC Direct is ready to take down Jack the Ripper (which he did). Also, Mike Mignola (Hellboy) designed it.

Black Lantern Batman

Zombies are hotter these days than they were in the 80s. Zombie super heroes? Why not?! This Black Lantern Batman from the epic Blackest Night storyline from DC Direct lives on our office wall right now and has the perfect level of freakin' creepy.

The Dark Knight Returns

The Dark Knight Returns is one of the greatest Batman sagas of all time. This plastic version of Frank Miller's lunatic Batman looks like he stepped right off the page. Also on display at MightyVille HQ, this Batman is ready to break your arm and call himself a surgeon.

 Old West Batman

If you're like us, you read Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne and it confused the Hell out of you. On the plus side, it gave us this awesome, Lone Ranger-esque "Old West" Batman from DC Direct, also a resident of the MightyVille toy shelves. And, no, he does not carry a gun, and still can throw down like Wyatt Earp at the O.K. Corral. That's how boss he is.

Play Arts-Kai Arkham City Batman

The Batman design from the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City video games is one of our favorite Bat-looks. Combining the classic look of the comics with the gritty feel of the Christopher Nolan films, we get a bulky, "tech'd-up" Batman ready to kick some badguy ass. This particular figure is from the Play Arts-Kai line by Japanese toymaker Square Enix. The level of detail and pose-ability, along with the stylized look make this a must for most Batman figure collectors.

 New 52 Batman

No Batman action figure list would be complete without an entry based on master penciller Jim Lee's designs. This DC Direct offering from the New 52 Justice League line is the newest Batman addition to the MightyVille collection and features Batman in his most current comic book look.

Super Powers Batman

Starting our top three is Batman from Kenner's Super Powers line in the mid-1980s. This classic line started the trend of the current line-wide diversity we see at Mattel. The fact that all you had to do was squeeze his legs and he could go around punching things blew my 7-year old mind and remains forever tied to my childhood memories. Hmm, I feel an eBay visit coming...

 The Dark Knight Rises Batman

Remember that thing about Hot Toys up there? Here's another stellar example. This Batman from the Dark Knight Rises line is beyond museum quality. You can see the mole on Christian Bale's face! The level of detail, pose-ability, and a ridiculous amount of accessories put this squarely on the "wish I could afford this" list.

1989 Michael Keaton Batman

Did I mention Hot Toys yet? They bring us our favorite Batman from this list. This thing looks more like Michael Keaton than Michael Keaton does. I adore the 1989 Tim Burton classic Batman film, and you could probably recreate the whole film with the level of accessories this comes with. Everything that applied to the above Dark Knight Rises Batman applies here, especially the "things I wish I could afford" list entry. Nostalgia overload!

We hope you enjoyed this trip through Batman collector history. We'll be bringing you similar features down the road. Have any ideas what characters to feature? Want to share your own collection? Let us know in the comments below!

"Where does he get those wonderful toys?"

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Comments (2)
  • MewtwoKi
    That's quite a lot of Batman toys, and just look at how far he's come over the years.
  • Joe_Kach  - Most fun.
    You know, outside of Star Wars, I think the Batman universe is the most fun to collect, figure-wise. So many characters & variants to choose from in all sorts of shapes & sizes.

    Thanks for sharing!

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