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Princess Leia takes the rebels' plan to the next level! B.J. Morgan got an early look at Star Wars #7, courtesy of Dark Horse Comics. Here's what he thought!

Brian Wood has become the comic book writer I read the most. It happened quite by accident. I actually don’t consider myself to be a Brian Wood fan. He just happens to be writing four properties I enjoy. I follow the Ultimate Comics line and he’s responsible for Ultimate Comics X-Men, which is by far one of the weakest titles I follow. He’s also handling the excellent new volume of adjective-less X-Men. I’m also a huge Conan and Star Wars fan, and he’s writing the main title for both of those properties for Dark Horse. That’s four monthly books from Brian Wood.   

I have been impressed with Wood’s Conan the Barbarian series far more than I have his Star Wars book. The ongoing Star Wars has received huge sales and no small amount of praise from reviewers online. With each issue, I have been considerably underwhelmed. I think the reason I haven’t been connecting with the book is that it has focused its attention on space battles, which I think is very hard to pull off in comic book form. I also haven’t found Princess Leia to be a compelling lead character. (Note to any militant feminists out there: please do not hurt me. I am gentle and weak.)


However, issue #7 has been the first issue that I have felt the love and positive vibes all these folks online have been praising. With a large cast such as Star Wars, issues need to have a balance between focusing on character stories while including others in the mix. Issues five and six offered very few moments for the rest of the cast outside of the dull “Leia flies an X-Wing” focus.

Fortunately, issue seven offers a large number of cast members to get a bit of the spotlight. Readers are treated to short vignettes featuring Emperor Palpatine visiting a Star Destroyer, Luke and Leia on Tatooine, Han and Cheewie on Coruscant, Luke and Wedge trying to infiltrate a Star Destroyer, and Vader’s scheming. It also wouldn’t be an issue of this ongoing series without a bit with Leia flying her X-Wing. That minor annoyance aside, it was nice to get such a variety in this issue.

One of Wood’s great strengths is his superb dialogue. It has shown rare flashes throughout the series, but this issue finally scores on many levels when it comes to dialogue. The scene from Tatooine with Luke and Leia conveys a sense of loss and purpose so perfectly as Luke reminisces at the loss of his Aunt and Uncle. Wood also gives the Emperor and appropriately acid tongue when dressing down Vader’s new pet, Birra Seah. The scenes with Han have always been the strongest for this series, and this issue doesn’t disappoint on that account.


The art was on fine display in this issue as well. One of the major problems this series has encountered is space battles. Much of the art has seemed stilted, with the X-Wings and Tie Fighters feeling more like models than fluid parts of a moving story. Since this issue didn’t focus on that aspect as much as previous ones, the art finally got a chance to shine without being burdened by the blackness of space.

Everything feels fresh again with this issue seven. While I have been disappointed with the series thus far, this issue marks a rather significant turning point as the start of a new arc begins. I have high hopes that this title is moving beyond being an X-Wing redux story. This issue offers promise more than space battles and we are all better for it.

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Star Wars #7 is available on July 10th from Dark Horse Comics.


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