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Nick Spencer at Image EXPO, photo by Ryan Cayabyab


Nick Spencer was already one of the busiest writers in comics before the 2014 Image EXPO. And at the show, he announced three more titles: The Great Beyond, Cerulean, and Paradigms! The fan-favorite creator sat down with MightyVille's Joe Kach  at the Image Expo and gave him an overview of his projects, plus an idea of just how busy he is. 

MightyVille: Thanks for joining us today, Nick. How's the show going for you so far?

Nick Spencer: This has been good, man. This has been a lot of fun. This part has been, uh ... yeah, umm, I'm supposed to be on a panel in five minutes.

Oh, you are?? [Laughs] Okay…

Yeah, that's what I was freaking out about.

Okay, well, if that's the case, no worries, we'll make it quick. Your three big Image Expo announcements then: The Great Beyond, Cerulean, and Paradigms - can you give me a 30 second elevator pitch for each one that we maybe didn't get a whole lot of at the announcement ceremony earlier?

Sure, sure. The Great Beyond is set in a post-life community, where, you know, the size of your bank account determines your standing in the afterlife. Polite society is sort of rocked by the suicide of one of its citizens. So, we kind of have to solve the mystery of how a dead person managed to kill themselves.




Very interesting...

Yeah ... and then Paradigms is about sort of warring clans of magic users set in a modern day spy-thriller aesthetic. So it's kind of an attempt to transplant a sort of Game of Thrones-ian fantasy epic and do it in our world, in the modern day in a Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy kind of feel. So, it'll be an interesting alchemy. Cerulean is set after the destruction of Earth when the last survivors of that travel millions of years to colonize a new world and end up bringing with them a lot of baggage that caused the destruction in the first place.






Was there anything in particular that influenced any of that or have you been playing with those concepts in your head for a while?

Yeah … no, you know, all these books are ideas that I've had kicking around for a good while and it's about finding the right person to help bring them to life. I'm working with some incredible artists on these titles: Frazier Irving, Butch Guice, and Morgan Jeske. That's a huge part of the thrill of all this for me, is that I'm working with some insanely talented guys.

Last question: So, you've got a foot in each world: independent and mainstream. Superior Foes of Spider-Man: I see you've brought some of that indie flare into the mainstream world. A lot of people are loving it, comparing it to Hawkeye. Is that intentional? Are you trying to have more indie fun in the Marvel world?

Yeah, kind of. I wanted to do something off the beaten path. And certainly Hawkeye being the phenomenal book that it is has made the opportunity for those kinds of books I think a little better. So, you know, Steve [Lieber, artist] and I are having a blast and it's so good to get to write comedy again. I did it on the Jimmy Olsen Special, on Forgetless, and Infinite Vacation, so you know, I like writing comedy.






Best line in the Jimmy Olsen Special was "Not Enough Giant Squid".

[Laughs] The squid, yeah, yeah...

Can we expect some of that in Avengers World?

Yeah, yeah, a little bit, a little bit. There'll be some issues where-- I think people see in the first issue that we're attempting to still do big Avengers, epic stuff, but we want to do it with a slightly lighter touch, where, you know, guys are throwing a few more jokes around as they get into it.

Alright, well, that’s it for now. I don't want to keep you away from your panel!

I'm so sorry! Let's make sure we follow up soon.

For sure. Thanks again for your time, Nick.


What's your favorite title currently written by Nick Spencer? Which of his new books seems most exciting? Let us know!


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