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Joe Kach spoke to influential Amazing Spider-Man penciller Humberto Ramos and learned just how much of a Spider-Fan the artist is, and who he'd like to share a "Doc Ock mind swap" with. Read on to find out!



Many an artist have graced the pages of the multitude of Spider-Man titles published by Marvel Comics. Few, however, have left the artistic impact that Humberto Ramos delivered to the title over a decade ago and continues to do so today with the newest volume of Amazing Spider-Man (first issue released last week!). Joe Kach spoke to the influential artist and learned just how much of a Spider-Fan Humberto is, and who he'd like to share a "Doc Ock mind swap" with. Read on to find out!




MightyVille: Were you a fan of comics growing up, Humberto?

Humberto Ramos: Of course, like everybody else who draws comics!

Were you a Spider-Man fan?

He was my one and only! I was only a fan of Spider-Man’s and no other character that I remember.





Is drawing him a dream come true then?


So, you have a unique style that’s influenced a lot of artists—

That’s what they say…

No, no. You have … clearly. What other artists have influenced you?

Many … off the top of my head, it’s like, from Art Adams, Joe Mad, Jeff Campbell, to Eric Canete, Stuart Immonen, Chris Bachalo, Olivier Coipel, Carlos Meglia from Argentina, I dunno, Damion Scott

That’s quite a list…

Yeah, I mean, there’s always a new guy on the block that I get my eye on. So, I’m not like, “These are my top three influences and nobody else.” There’s also Joe Q, Jim Lee, the Image Guys ... Erik Larsen. I think Erik Larsen to me is my favorite Spider-Man artist.





Which character do you enjoy drawing the most? Or what do you enjoy drawing the most?

Well, again, Spider-Man is my favorite character to draw now. I enjoy drawing him a lot.

I love the way you draw Spider-Man’s eyes...

Thank you.

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you or you've seen happen at a comic book convention?

I won’t say “crazy”, but … nice? There’s people, some times, a couple of guys who are ... they come to me and they’re shaking, like excited, you know? And they have these big eyes just from seeing me. It’s, of course, flattering. I always tell them, like, “You know, we’re buddies, we’re cool...” You know, I like bonding with these people. I appreciate it a lot that they feel I am somebody special ... you know ... worth respecting, I dunno…





Great story. I can tell you have quite a few fans just by looking around your table. OK, last question: In Superior Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus essentially has his brain put into Spidey’s body. If you could put your brain in another person’s body, who would it be?

Male or female?

Either one…

I don’t know … Vincent Cassell, Monica Bellucci’s [ex-] husband.

[Everyone laughs]

Humberto Ramos’ Wife: [Pointing at Humberto] Nice … nice answer.

Oh, I didn't mean to get you in trouble, Humberto! [Laughs]

No, no. No problem. [Laughs]

Thank you for your time today, Humberto. 

You are welcome. Thank you.


What's your favorite title that Humberto's drawn? Got any favorite Spidey images by the artist? let us know and share below! 


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