Friday, May 26, 2017
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Spider-Man Spectacular Art Quiz!


Do you love sensational Spider-Man cover art? Think you can identify some of the best artists in the industry by their Spidey art style? Show your love here, with Spider-Man's Spectacular Art Quiz!

Post your score for a chance to win some fantastic Spidey Prizes, Webheads! (Click here for details!)


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Comments (18)
  • chaoticcr33p  - My score
    "Half's only half-bad!" 3/7
  • ScottyCorpse  - My score
    2/7. Absolutely horrific. I don't know much about comics, especially older ones at all. - But I'm learning more every day. :)
  • Rhallenius  - my score
    2/7 Yeah.... I dont really know a lot about artists honestly but I do love me some spidey mayne
  • parkercat  - My score
    0/7 I know nothing about artists.
  • Keither31  - My Score
    4/7 and I guessed on all but one.
  • gpadav
  • proto16  - proto16 - my score
    Perfect Spider-Skills!
  • chromiumman
  • rellimtss
    Only one right.
  • Ransack
    Almost there! Go again, Wall-Crawler 5/7
  • jb10000lakes
    well, 6 outta 7 ain't bad, but harder than i intially thought.
  • adellag  - Not bad....
    5/7 Pretty good!
  • openmind101  - My score
    I got 3/7, not too bad!
  • polyfuze420  - spidey
    3/7 half is only half bad...good quiz
  • SexyBrat  - 3/7 - First Try
    My son is the one who is into comics and the artist who drew them, so I think this was a pretty good try.
  • beccajo818
    7/7 Took forever. Fun though
  • tylertee  - Mr
    Half's only half-bad!
  • MightyVille  - CONGRATS!
    Congratulations to MightyVille Member gpadav, winner of this giveaway! Thanks for playing along!
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