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When does DC Comics' New 52 become the Old 52? Sam Moyerman asks the question in this new MightyVille Editorial!


This September will see DC Comics' New 52 reach it’s third year.  Strangely enough, the third year anniversary event is a jump forward five more years.  Which begs the question, can they really still call it the “New 52”?  

Someone asked me recently if they wanted to get back into Batman, what books should they read.  I quickly recited to them all of the Scott Snyder New 52 storylines and said that they were the ones to jump in on.  But after explaining them all to this person, I realized that I basically told them to go back and read all of it.  Which is nice in one way because it means that the book has been good enough to recommend, but also bad, because the New 52 was supposed to give us jumping on points and do away with years and years of convoluted continuity.  But in less than three years I’m already recommending that someone read all the books.  So, are we right back where we started?


New 52 BATMAN by Greg Capullo



Forever Evil was a fun miniseries.  I really enjoyed the whole tale from start to finish.  What I didn't enjoy?  The 18-issue crossover Forever Evil: Blight that took up three different books for a six month span.  I also didn't enjoy the Trinity War crossover that took up three books for three months before Forever Evil started.  That’s 27 additional books right there.  If you just read Justice League Dark, you were basically lost for nine months.  You would catch bits and pieces here and there.  So for nine months your book was tied into other ones, forcing you to either buy them all to figure out what’s going on, or to just give up on the book you were reading.  When the line was restarted we were promised that there would be something for everyone.  Books like I, Vampire were championed by the editorial staff for being different and yet still fitting into the universe.  But you didn't need to read any other book to understand I, Vampire.  It stood up on it’s own.  Nowadays, you can’t go more than six issues in a book without it crossing over into another one. [Editor's Note: I, Vampire was one of the first New 52 titles cancelled.]

I get it.  Crossing over books helps them sell.  It creates more mini events.  Those help sales.  It’s the same old thing.  But therein lies the rub:  We were promised something different.  But here we are with three new weekly series.  Were we really Jonesing for even one new weekly series, let alone three?  I wasn’t.  52 issues to tell a story?  It’s too much.  That’s over $150!  At least if they were going to have so many of them, the least they could have done was make them bi-weekly series like Brightest Day and Generation Lost.  And now we’re jumping five years ahead in September.  Because if they’re going to make us buy 156 issues to follow all their weekly series, they’ve gotta go all out and give us a future tale too, just to really add back to the continuity.




This isn't to say that there aren't good books coming out of the line.  The Batman books, led by Snyder and Greg Capullo, have been of a consistent good quality.  The early Flash team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato set a great precedent that all other will fight to be able to follow.  And Brian Azzarello’s Wonder Woman and Jeff Lemiere’s Green Arrow (along with his run on Frankenstein and Animal Man) were quite excellent.  But in the end those books have ended (or will be ending soon) with new creative teams set to reinsert those books and characters back into the thick of DC’s continuity. 


FUTURE'S END Weekly Series


It has literally taken DC less than three years to get us back where we started.  Crazy long crossovers that force you to buy multiple books.  Lots of continuity, and confusing histories.  All under this guise of it still being a new universe.  It’s time for DC to get back to what made the New 52 such an excited premise: stories that were told because they were good and not just because they tied into another story or book; books of different genres that can exist in the same universe without being handcuffed to showcase what they are; and creators who are allowed to let loose a little bit more and push some boundaries.  If they can finally get back to that, maybe the universe will once again be worthy of the New 52 moniker.  After-all, as we have been shown, everything old gets to be new again. 


(Sam Moyerman is a professional demon hunter. He editorializes on the hunt while camped out within the protective womb of hollowed monster husk.) 


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