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Each week, we take an early look at the new first issues from Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW, Image, and Valiant Comics and share our thoughts to let you know what we think you should pick up. You're definitely going to want to take a Valiant ride to the Bitch Planet this week!

This week, Geoff Deen, Sam Moyerman, and Joe Kach review Angry Birds Comics Holiday Special #1, Bitch Planet #1, The Magdalena: Seventh Sacrament #1, Lady Demon #1, and The Valiant #1. 



Angry Birds Comics Holiday Special #1 (IDW)-

3 out of 5

More Angry Birds!!  Just in time for Festivus is another one-shot featuring everyone's favorite disgruntled avians in slingshots.  Written by Kari Korhonen with art by Corrado Mastantuono, this latest entry into the franchise is another lighthearted caper with our birds in pursuit of the evil pigs, only this time Santa is thrown in the mix.  I actually find the art on these books to be really fun, albeit completely silly.  For readers under 10, I think these Angry Birds titles are quick and easy reads with colorful pages and plenty of jokes.  It's all good fun here so pick up a copy and put it in your young ones stocking this season. (Geoff)



Bitch Planet #1 (Image)-

3.5 out of 5

I'm worried to say I enjoyed this book, so I'd guess Kelly Sue DeConnick and her co-creators have nailed exactly what they wanted. They play up exploitation elements and twist them around right after throwing them in your face.  The women of the world who do wrong get sent to a prison planet, which doesn't seem to unlike Warworld. Doesn't even have to be a serious crime anymore either, just about anything can send a woman there. As you can imagine, it becomes a rather unsafe place. DeConnick and Valentine DeLandro have some fun storytelling elements here that help set the tone, including two concurrent cross-cutting stories that are connected, one taking place on Earth, the other on the eponymous Bitch Planet. Neither is resolved the way one would think ... which sets up this universe nicely and should provide a good backbone to the series. While I did like this issue, I didn't love it. It's most likely going to get perfect reviews based on the creators and publisher, but it's not really a perfect book. (Sam)



The Magdalena: Seventh Sacrament #1 (Image/Top Cow)-

2 out of 5

Kudos to Top Cow and Matt Hawkins for putting on publisher talent hunts to help newcomers break into the industry. And I think it's awesome that the winners of said hunts also get their own spotlight issue to shine. And with The Magdalena: Seventh Sacrament #1, writer Tini Howard and artist Aileen Oracion take the stage. The story centers around (I'm assuming) the first Magdalena and how she came into contact with the Spear of Destiny, her weapon of choice. There's also a guest appearance from Sara Pezzini, the Witchblade bearer. Unfortunately, it's very obvious that this was the creative team's first outing. The captions and dialogue are well-written, but the story itself was fairly unoriginal with an unintentionally confusing ending. The artwork is quite lacking, and makes me wonder what the other talent hunt entries looked like if this is what came out on top (I hope that doesn't sound too mean). The colors by Ross Campbell and the scripting by Howard are the best parts of the comic, but it needs a bit more than that to make it in today's market. I'd have a hard time recommending this to anyone unless they are friends of the creators or are die-hard Magdalena fans. (Joe)



Lady Demon #1 (Dynamite)-

3 out of 5

Writer Aaron Gillespie and artist Mirka Andolfo bring us the latest number one from Dynamite Comics, Lady Demon.  I will admit that after the latest round of comics from the Chaos Comics line, my hopes were not high for this title. But in the end, this is a better book than all of those combined.  However, that is not the highest of praise.  The issue is a tried and true revenge story involving a young girl possessed by a demon looking to get payback for the murder of her boyfriend and her father.  While that is nothing new, the circumstances surrounding why this innocent girl's soul would have been in the Hell in the first places is intriguing, and the Demon's motivations for helping are also clouded.  The art is very good, with great penciling and use of a subdued color pallet that really works for this title.  Only draw back is the un-needed half-dressed, overly-buxom Lady Demon who rules her portion of Hell in her lingerie. But this is a Chaos book, so I guess it just comes with the territory. (Geoff)  



The Valiant #1 (Valiant)-

5 out of 5

When I first heard about the title to this series from Valiant Comics, I had to laugh. Imagine if The Avengers were named "The Marvels". However, there is nothing in this comic for anyone to laugh at. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of humor in the book provided by Armstrong of the Archer & Armstrong fame, but this is one of the best first issues I have read from the publisher. Like Unity, Valiant is setting the stage for another team book starring The Eternal Warrior, Geomancer, Archer, and Bloodshot, and it looks like Ninjak and Livewire are set to join later on. This is an epic issue spanning centuries and gives us another glimpse into the origins of The Eternal Warrior, who seems to be the focus of this arc. The issue is funny, tragic, action-packed, and definitely leaves you wanting more. Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and Paolo Rivera knock it out of the park here. If you haven't read a Valiant comic to date, then this is a fantastic place to start. Well done, Valiant ... you guys make it look easy (it isn't).  (Joe)


Don't just take our word for it ... Pick up the comics yourself and let us know what you think!!


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