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NUMBER 1 BULLETS: 01-28-15


Each week, we take an early look at the new first issues from Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW, Image, and Valiant Comics and share our thoughts to let you know what we think you should pick up. Quantum & Woody and Image Comics are "dying" to get you to pick up their books this week!

This week, Joe Kach, Sam Moyerman, and Geoff Deen review Quantum and Woody Must Die! #1, Creature Cops: Special Varmint Unit #1, The Powerpuff Girls Super Smash-Up #1, Casanova: Acedia #1, The Dying and The Dead #1, King: Flash Gordon #1, and King: The Phantom #1. 



Creature Cops #1

Creature Cops: Special Varmint Unit #1 (IDW)-


IDW comics launches a new ongoing series with the first issue of Creature Cops, written by Rob Anderson with art by Fernando Melek.  The world established is one in which the splicing of animal genes for high priced vanity pets has led to unintended consequences that include some rather formidable hybrids being released into residential populations. To counter this threat, Animal Control has become a federalized unit.  Lets get the good points out of the way first: The art is good.  Individual characters and animals are well designed; there was never a problem identifying who was who in this first issue, and we are introduced to a rather large cast right away.  Clean lines with good colors and unique facial designs. The animal designs are also rather inspired.  Now on to the bad: It's just boring.  Even with the idea of gene-spliced pets ... who wants to read a comic book about the dog catcher?  That is literally what this is: four separate side stories of animal control officers making routine house calls.  Granted, there is a dead body found at the end which I have no doubt leads into the basis for the first story arc, but it's way too little too late.  There is no way I would pick up the next issue of this comic. It feels like it should be a reality TV show that airs at 1:00AM on Animal Planet. (Geoff)



The Powerpuff Girls Super Smash-Up #1 (IDW)-


It's fitting that IDW bought Top Shelf, publisher of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, if they plan on continuing to put out these crossovers between all of their Cartoon Network licensed properties.  After their own crisis, this new series sees the Powerpuff Girls and the Professor heading to take a tour of Dexter's Laboratory.  But not before stopping some evildoing first, of course.  The story moves quickly along with lots of action and quippy dialogue that serves it well and is true to the characters.  A well done start to the crossover and with the continued quality of them, one can only hope that IDW keeps them going. (Sam)



Casanova: Acedia #1 (Image)-


It's really, really great to have Cassanova Quinn back.  Even if he doesn't know who he is, we do.  And we love him.  Just as every series does, this one puts Cass in a new situation, with a book that takes on a new style.  Fabio Moon is back on artwork for the main story, one that seems styled like a 1950s hard boiled detective story, complete with the Los Angeles setting.  And you can tell that of all his books, this one is Matt Fraction's baby.  One he is now sharing with Pulitzer Prize winning author Michael Chabon, who writes the backup story.  It fits very well into the world of Cassanova.  Gosh, this stuff is brilliant.  The other Cass series were a little daunting; if you were curious about the book this is actually a pretty good one to jump in on.  It hasn't started off too crazy, but you know it'll get there. (Sam)



The Dying & The Dead #1 (Image)-


Go buy this comic!  You can continue to read and listen to me fawn over Jonathan Hickman's awesome storytelling and Ryan Bodenheim's spectacular art, but you really should just go pick up this double-sized first issue of The Dying and The Dead from Image Comics.  As with all Hickman's work, this first issue is just barely scratching the surface of what is no doubt a much larger picture.  Strange cults of clones, mysterious ancient treasures, long hidden cultures, and one bitter, old "has been" war hero.  I have no idea where it is going, but the introduction was masterful and I will be on board for issue two for sure.  The washed out color pallet is really interesting in this title and it fits the somber tone so very well.  The detail in the art is outstanding and the vista scenes really evoke a sense of place.  I cannot recommend this book enough, even if you are not a fan of Hickman's previous work, it's worth checking out this issue and seeing how it hits you. (Geoff



King: Flash Gordon #1 (Dynamite)-


The one way to win over Flash Gordon fans (and Marky Mark and his TEDdy bear) is to have him admit he'll save every one of us.  Check.  There's a lot going on in this issue written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker and for the most part it works.  The interplay between Flash and Dale Arden especially.  There are a few times where the plot is driving the thing and a few twists that seem unnecessary, but it doesn't go too far (and for fans of Acker and Blacker's Thrilling Adventure Hours, there is a speaking AI).  It helps that Lee Furgeson seems like the perfect artist for the book.  His style is sufficiently classic that it really fits for Flash Gordon and his adventures.  The book accomplishes what it sets out to do: tell a good tale.  It needs to settle down in subsequent issues to really hit its stride, but it is clearly on the right path. (Sam)



King: The Phantom #1 (Dynamite)-


In this direct follow-up to Kings Watch from Dynamite, we are introduced to an all-new, all-different Phantom. But this is someone we have seen before. Brian Clevinger tells this pulpy tale of the "substitute" Phantom, who, after promising to find the next, new Phantom, takes on the role himself of protecting his native home in Bangalla, Africa. As a fan of the '80s cartoon, Defenders of The Earth, I really did enjoy the change in dynamic of having Lothar Kehwabe, former assistant to Mandrake the Magician, aptly take on the role of The Phantom, "The Ghost Who Walks" (as opposed to hovering?). Having found himself pulled into a brand new adventure following the downfall of civilaization in Kings Watch, Lothar will be leaving the jungle and heading into the city. The classic art style by Brent Schooner fits the story well, and like I said, this is an interesting direction for the title. But, there needs to be a little something more to elevate this book further intot he public eye. I am on board for the next issue though, and if you're a fan of the King's Syndicate characters, or a Defenders follower like me, you'll want to pick this up. Sweet cover by Darwyn Cooke. (Joe)



Quantum and Woody Must Die! #1 (Valiant)-


Have you ever read a comic where a character says "I'm just bustin' your labes"? Or where a female thief admits to holding in a killer fart while under the control of truth serum? I didn't think so. But if you pick up Quantum and Woody Must Die! #1, then you will! Main series writer James Asmus is back to tell the hilarious, further adventures of Valiant's brothers-in-arms. After foiling a heist on an FDA truck in Paris, France, Quantum and Woody find themselves caught in a much larger conspiracy. And some of the people they have trusted most are in on it! This book is a ton of fun, and heavy on the laughs. Sometimes, a bit too heavy. There were certain points where I felt story was sacrificed for the sake of laughs. Industry veteran Steve Lieber is a great addition tot the title, adding his usual style of action cartooning to the fold, as he did on the similarly-toned Superior Foes of Spider-Man. While not 100% a real jumpin on pint, since it does rely on you having knowledge of the previous series, this first issue is still a winner. Any Valiant fan or someone looking  for a little fun with their costumed heroes should pick this up. (Joe)


Don't just take our word for it ... pick up the issues yourself and share your thoughts below!


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