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Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool


So they finally started filming Deadpool.  Ryan Reynolds’ passion project.  A character he loves so much he even played him the only other time Wade Wilson was on screen.  By all accounts the movie is going to be excellent.  The script has been around for years, getting glowing reviews for it’s dedication to the source material and for staying true to the character.  The secondary cast is rounding into form.  They nailed the Weasel casting, including the requisite “hot female action star” in Gina Cerano, and have even thrown in a Grant Morrison-created X-(wo)Man for good measure.  But I’m here to say there’s a way to make the movie even better - remove Ryan Reynolds.

I know, this isn’t a popular opinion.  Ever since he professed his love for Deadpool everyone talks about how perfect he is for the role.  A man known for his quick wit, whose characters are known for speaking their mind, a guy who oozes sarcasm as easily as charisma?  Why in the world would we not want him, the superfan, to play the character?


Deadpool does Wolverine.jpg


Before getting into that I do want to say that this is not an article to bash Ryan Reynolds.  I’ve been a fan ever since he and that other guy and the girl had their pizza place.  I loved Van Wilder like most men of my generation.  I thought his performance as Wade Wilson was one of the only good parts of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  I was with him when he teamed up with Denzel (I did manage to skip the one where he voiced a snail that races in the Indy 500).  I was even with him when he donned the green ring, said the oath, and hid his cheekbones behind a CGI mask.  So I don’t write this editorial out of hate for the guy.  I just see someone better.  Because in all the talk about how perfect he is for the role, we seem to be epitomizing the one reason he doesn’t fit.  The man is just too likable.

Think about it.  Van Wilder is considered by most the movie that proves he can play Deadpool.  In that movie he plays a character who has made a career out of going to college, becoming an almost folk hero.  The guy has students line up every semester to be his assistant; he drives a golf cart around campus and has his own parking spaces.  Tara Reid, then at the height of her powers, searches him out (ostensibly to write an article, but really to have sex with him).  The only person who doesn’t like having him on campus is the Dean. Even the rest of the authority seems okay with him being around.  And this is a problem that is in all of his comedies.  He is likable and adored.  Do you know why it is a problem?  Because people hate Deadpool.


Deadpool vs. Wolverine

Deadpool vs. Spider-Man


Seriously, no one likes Deadpool.  Wait, let me rephrase that:  We love Deadpool.  The fans.  The other characters in the book?  They hate him.  HATE.  Wolverine teamed up with Deadpool more often than anyone else.  You know what feeling he had at the beginning every time?  Dread.  Anytime another character has to team up with Deadpool they all exhibit those same feelings of dread.  He’s a mercenary.  He doesn’t really care about human life.  Oh yeah, and he’s basically insane.  Most of Deadpool’s teammates occur out of necessity.  This isn’t like Peter Parker and Matt Murdock getting together to swing around the rooftops of New York and quip like the best buds they are.  The people around Deadpool are only there because they have no other option.  And as soon as they can get away they do, normally as quickly as possible.  Oh sure, since he’s a hero he eventually ends up winning a modicum of respect and sometimes people end up putting up with his shtick so long they start to see it as charming, but for the most part, here is a guy who even his so called friends loathe.  And that sounds an awful lot like another guy from another movie.

A movie where a guy calls all of his friends to meet up but they don’t even consider calling him back.  That’s how little this guy’s friends want to speak to him.  A guy who then tries to commit suicide but fails and ends up in the hospital. And when his friends finally come to see him in the hospital and say they want to get away together he immediately pulls out his catheter to leave.  The guy I’m talking about is Rob Corrdry’s character of Lou in Hot Tub Time Machine.  Now here is a character that checks off all the boxes for Deadpool.  Absolutely no filter whatsoever when he talks to people.  Check.  Not even his true friends really like him.  Check.  A single mindedness of vision that causes him to throw caution, and his own safety, to the wind.  Check.  Deplorable. Check.  Despicable.  Check.  Sarcastic rapier wit.  Check.  A strange sense of honor that means, despite all his faults, people eventually have to accept that he’s their friend?  Check.   He even has a penchant for bravura physical comedy that Reynolds has never shown. You don’t even have to just use his performance in this movie to prove it.  Look at his performance as the bad guy in Harold and Kumar Escape Guantanamo Bay.  He’s basically the same character in that one too.  And the character he is playing is Deadpool.


Rob Corrdry as Lou



It’s probably too late for them to make a change on the Deadpool movie now.  In all honesty, without Ryan Reynolds championing the project it probably never gets made.  And it’s not like Reynolds will be bad.  But just remember while watching it next year that even though Reynolds will probably make us laugh, there is someone else out there who would take the role to levels Ryan Reynolds can never achieve.  Someone who embodies Deadpool so perfectly he’s already played the role twice.  And it’s a shame we’ll never get to actually see Rob Corrdry play it for real.


Deadpool vs. Colossus


Ryan Reynolds or Rob Corddry? Where do you stand?


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