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Publisher: Valiant Entertainment Writer: Jeff Lemire Artist: Mico Suyan Colorist: David Baron

What would you do if you had spent the majority of your life as an unkillable weapon of destruction and mayhem and suddenly your abilities were gone? What anyone else would do: go on an alcohol and drug-fueled bender and live a life of useless destitution. But for how long?

Jeff Lemire and Mico Suayan deliver a fantastic opening tale of redemption in the face of absolute nothingness. The set-up is perfect. We can almost feel the turmoil that Bloodshot has to go through on a daily basis in his new life. After losing his power-enhancing nanites in the conclusion of the also-wonderful The Valiant mini-series, Bloodshot Reborn picks up six months later with Bloodshot, now called Ray Garrison, working as a maintenance man in a rundown hotel. 

But on a special night, after being "reunited" with a lost love, Bloodshot begins to find himself again, thanks to the help of his new, imaginary sidekick, Bloodsquirt (a welcome addition to the Bloodshot mythology). And when Project Rising Spirit's (Bloodshot's creators and manipulators) hand of death seems to resurface, Bloodshot finds himself with a new purpose and a new mission. 

A brilliant opening issue. Probably the best issue of Bloodshot I've read to date. I dug it. You will too.

Check out the preview below, pick up the issue tomorrow, then come back and let me know what you thought. 



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