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Number 1 Bullets: 7-29-15


Each week, we take a look at the new first issues from Black Mask, Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW, Image, 12-Gauge, and Valiant Comics and share our thoughts to let you know what we think you should pick up. It's a small IDW-lead week. 

This week, Geoff Deen and Joe Kach review The Shrinking Man #1 and Transformers: Combiner Hunters Special #1. 


The Shrinking Man #1 (IDW)-


(W) Ted Adams (A/CA) Mark Torres
Richard Matheson's exploration of shrinking manhood is brought to vivid life in this comic-book adaptation! Scott Carey, reducing 1/7" per day, faces tension big and small as his body continues to shrink away... 

Shrinking Man is the latest #1 issue out of IDW comics.  It is an adaptation of Richard Matheson's The Incredible Shrinking Man, written by Ted Adams with art my Mark Torres.  Matheson is famous for macabre horror set in everyday America, and The Shrinking Man is exactly that.  Set in two time periods, this comic follows a man who is shrinking 1/7th of an inch every day.  We see his gradual decent over time and the effect it has on him and his family, as well as his last few days in which a common house spider is the greatest obstacle in the world.  The story is well paced and does a great job of extracting empathy from the reader.  The art is solid throughout the title and is surprisingly subtle in its depiction of the incremental shrinking our protagonist is going through.  For me the emotion of the event was beautifully conveyed when we see him attempting to be embraced by his wife, yet next to her he is the size of a 10 year old boy. That one image created an odd yet perfectly unsettling feeling.  This is a fun and interesting read and an easy recommendation.  Matheson is also known for I Am Legend and was a huge influence on Stephen King, so if either of those sound appealing to you go ahead and give this one a shot. (Geoff)



Transformers: Combiner Hunters Special #1 (IDW)-


(W) Mairghread Scott (A) Sara Pitre-Durocher (CA) Casey W. Coller
COMBINER WARS FALLOUT! Because you demanded it-WINDBLADE and CHROMIA team up with ARCEE to put an end to the menace of the COMBINER WARS-but will they end each other first?!

Spinning out of IDW's Transfomers: Combiner Wars saga and Windblade, we get this special all-female issue by an all-female creative team! In the world of The Transformers, that in and of itself is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, when it came to the content, I found myself wanting a bit more. Scott does a decent job setting up the post-Combiner Wars world and let's us know where the stakes are at. But, there was nothing about either the storyline or the characters that made me want to care what happened. Ht political twist was fun, but the action and turns of events seemed quite forced. But the bigger problem was the art: I had a hard time telling who was who and what was going on. To be fair, this is a complain I have had about other Transformers comics in the past as well. If you're trying to get the full run of Combiner Wars tie-ins, then pick this up. Otherwise, you're not going to miss much. (Joe)


Don't just take our word for it! Pick up the issues and share your thoughts below...


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