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There's lions, and robots, and ghosts (oh my!) in this week's Number 1 Bullets! We've reviewed as many new first issues as possible to let you know which new series we think you should follow. Read on!

This week's batch: D4VE2 #1, The Paybacks #1, Tokyo Ghost #1, Agent Carter: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary #1, Captain America: White #1, and Voltron: From The Ashes #1. 



The Paybacks #1 (Dark Horse Comics)-


 (W) Donny Cates, Eliot Rahal (A) Geoff Shaw (CA) Lauren Affe
Heroism doesn't come cheap, so when superheroes borrow money to finance their genetic enhancements or crime-fighting supercomputers, their debts make student loans look like IOUs! Enter the Paybacks, a repo squad composed of bankrupt former heroes here to foreclose on everybody's secret lairs! From the team that delivered the acclaimed Buzzkill!

This month, Dark Horse Comics has a new #1 in The Paybacks.  Written by Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal with art by Geoff Shaw, The Paybacks takes a satirical look at what happens to wannabe super heroes who cannot fund their own adventures.  How much does a Batmobile cost? What is the down payment on the latest Iron Man Armor?  And what happens when you cannot pay back that loan?  Well, apparently this group of super thugs will show up at your door and repo all of it.  This comics is not attempting to be anything else than it is, low brow humor and violence that pokes fun at superhero staples like Batman, but I still enjoyed it.  There is nothing groundbreaking or remarkable, but it was fun to read and sometimes that is all that really matters ... after all, any book with a character named Night Knight deserves a look! (Geoff)


D4VE2 #1 (IDW Publishing)-


(W) Ryan Ferrier (A/CA) Valentin Ramon
ONE YEAR LATER. With the world seemingly at peace, things seem pretty all right on 34RTH until a strange ship's arrival sends D4VE head-first into an existential crisis: an inconceivable blast from the past that threatens not only D4VE's dwindling relationship with 5COTTY, but all of robot-kind itself!

Our downtrodden robot hero returns in DAVE2, from IDW Comics.  Written by Ryan Ferrier with art by Valentin Ramon, D4VE has saved the Earth ... now what?  Well, apparently that means he is back to cursing his misfortune, being awkward with women, and an unhealthy relationship with his son.  D4VE just cannot catch a break, and when a worm hole deposits a new artifact on his watch, things take a very unexpected turn.  I loved this issue, it was genuinely funny with art that backed up the humor.  D4VE is a great character and the cast of screw ups that surround him really set the tone for this title.  I will not spoil the twist, but the last page is a fantastic cliffhanger that I did not see coming at all and I will be picking up issue two to see where it goes.  I am often not a big fan of humor in comics because I feel the pacing is very difficult to pull off, but this book nails it.  Its not that there are jokes or punchlines, but rather the circumstance and ridiculous characters that make it so entertaining. (Geoff)


Tokyo Ghost #1 (Image Comics)-


(W) Rick Remender (A/CA) Sean Murphy
The Isles of Los Angeles 2089: Humanity is addicted to technology, a population of unemployed leisure seekers blissfully distracted from toxic contamination, who borrow, steal, and kill to buy their next digital fix. Getting a virtual buzz is the only thing left to live for. It's the biggest industry, the only industry, the drug everyone needs, and gangsters run it all. And who do these gangsters turn to when they need their rule enforced? Constables Led Dent and Debbie Decay. This duo is about to be given a job that will force them out of the familiar squalor of Los Angeles to take down the last tech-less country on Earth: The Garden Nation of Tokyo.

Remender and Murphy team up to bring a Sci-Fi tale to Image, something that should fit their strong suits perfectly. But something feels off. It's a promising concept, but nothing about the execution feels original. Futuristic death races, shanty towns, a society obsessed with technology and immediate stimulation ... we've seen this all before. Even the two leads, while bearing slick designs, also felt like an amalgam of a number of characters we've seen before. The lead villain spoke in modern-day "reddit-talk", saying things like "noob," "lame," and, "pwned," even though this story takes place about 70 years in the future. Murphy's art is immediately recognizable, but seems rushed in certain parts. Don't get me wrong, the comic is not bad and there were a few strong moments of characterization and story structure, and it felt like a video game where you make your way through increasingly challenging levels. But for a high-profile book by two high-profile creators for a high-profile indie publisher, they need to try a little bit harder going forward. (Joe)


Agent Carter: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary #1 (Marvel Comics)-


(W) Kathryn Immonen (A) Rich Ellis (CA) Declan Shalvey
Agent Carter is back in an all-new adventure that reveals her secret history with S.H.I.E.L.D.! When Dum Dum Dugan attempts to recruit her to S.H.I.E.L.D., will Peggy join up or go her own way? Operation S.I.N.'s crackerjack team of Kathryn Immonen and Rich Ellis return to the world of Peggy Carter!

Marvel's celebration of the 50th anniversary of S.H.I.E.L.D. brings us another new #1, and this time it's Agent Carter.  Written my Kathryn Immonen with art by Rich Ellis, Agent Carter is being tested by S.H.I.E.L.D. in the '60s with the help of Lady Sif of Asgard.  There are two very distinct tones in this single issue, the first third of the book is quite lighthearted and fun while the conclusion brings some more somber tones to flesh out the character of Peggy Carter.  Faced with life or death and pushed to the extreme, we get to see how Peggy deals with death and failure.  I am torn on this issue because for the first 15 pages I was not enjoying it at all, the goofy tone and cartoon style art was really throwing me off, but then the book came back and ended on a very solid note.  In the end I still think this is one new readers can pass on, there is nothing here that cannot be found in numerous other books on the shelf and in the end does not really add all that much to who Peggy Carter is. (Geoff)


Captain America: White #1 (Marvel Comics)-


(W) Jeph Loeb (A/CA) Tim Sale
From his re-awakening in the present day to his days on the battlefield during World War II, follow CAPTAIN AMERICA as he recalls a special mission during THE BIG ONE! It's 1941 and the HOWLING COMMANDOS are just looking to kick back and relax.... But CAP and BUCKY are about to make their night a whole lot worse! The EISNER AWARD-WINNING team of JEPH LOEB and TIM SALE reunite to tell a shocking story of CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BUCKY!

Originally slated to come out in 2008, Marvel Comics is finally shipping Captain America: White #1.  Similar to Spider-Man: Blue and Hulk: Gray, this series is written and drawn by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, respectively.  Following the same somber tone as the other series, Captain America: White sees Steve Rogers reflecting on his past with Bucky after his wake-up from the ice.  Exploring the dual identities and father/son dynamic of the Cap and Bucky relationship, this is a rather sentimental book that mixes action with a narration by Cap about his long lost friend.  Readers should remember that this book was created before the return of Bucky Barnes in the Winter Soldier arc of Brubaker's Captain America.  Tim Sale's art works particularly well in this series as the main portion of the story takes place in WWII and thus suits his simpler style.  The writing is good but I cannot help but feel that it is a book out of time, especially the dual identity aspect.  Readers who enjoyed the other 'color' mini-series should definitely check this out, but over all the issue did not grab me and I will not be picking up the rest of the issues. (Geoff)


Voltron: From The Ashes #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)-


(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Blacky Shepherd (CA) Alex Milne
More than 200 years ago, Voltron Force fought its final battle against the Drule Empire. Voltron has not moved since that battle, but his legacy lives on. Now, an ancient enemy has arisen, and a new Voltron Force must be chosen to pilot the Defender of the Universe!

The big guy is back! Years after the fall of the Voltron Force, a new breed of pilots are being tested an trained to take up the new mantle. But many question the true purpose? Is there still evil in the universe worthy of Voltron's attention? Apparently so.  Bunn weaves a good tale, told in both present day/future and flashbacks to Voltron's final battle against the robeasts. I wasn't a huge Voltron watcher as a kid, but this felt pretty authentic. And I liked the duality of the story-telling. The dialogue and pacing was fine, and the story hit all the expected plot points for an intro tale that is also a follow-up. The art was a bit rough, but Shepherd has some potential to grow down the road. Fans of the characters should definitely pick this up; it's pretty well done and takes itself seriously. (Joe)


Don't just take our word for it! Pick up the issues and share your thoughts below...


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