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It's a micro-edition of Number 1 Bullets! Geoff takes a look at three of Marvel Comics' new first issues from their December 9th offerings: Scarlet Witch #1, Silk #1, and Venom: Space Knight #1. 



Scarlet Witch #1 (Marvel Comics)-


Marvel Comics takes a more mystical approach with Wanda Maximoff in Scarlet Witch #1, written by James Robinson with art by Vanesa Del Ray.  Seemingly having moved on from her time as an Avenger, Wanda Maximoff heads straight into the realm of the weird when she discovers that the world of magic appears to be broken.  In a smart move, writer James Robinson has side stepped the mutant/Inhuman debate surrounding the Scarlet Witch and instead focused on the realm of magic with Wanda as one of its primary protectors.  In this sense the first issue reminded me of the new Dr. Strange #1 in which Stephen Strange sets off on a similar quest to determine why the walls of reality are breaking down.  Are these two plots connected?  I am not sure, it is way too early to tell, but it is an interesting idea to think about.  Wanda is written as very cool and collected, yet plagued by her past.   The character has been through so many incarnations and trials that they could not just be glossed over for a new story, and weaving them into her damaged psyche was a good decision.  The art by Del Ray is dark and moody, I liked it even though at times it was hard to see all that was going on.  I felt this was a strong entry and a solid number one, giving the reader just enough to start asking questions and hook them for issue number two.



Silk #1 (Marvel Comics)-


There are a plethora of new Spider-Titles coming with the Marvel Comics relaunch spinning out of events from the giant Spiderverse crossover and this week we get Silk #1.  Written by Robbie Thompson with art by Stacy Lee, this is the second #1 title for Silk in 2015 so Marvel is definitely pushing her as a character they want readers to grab on to.  Bitten by the exact same spider that gave Peter Parker his powers, Silk was stashed away in a secluded vault to hide her from Morlun and his family of spider killers.  Now free and on her own, she is trying to make a name for herself with a new job and a new take on superheroics.  Since Silk is such a new character, this relaunch of her title is an easy jumping on point.  Readers are brought up to speed about her origins in a few pages and then we are off and running with a new plot where we see Silk playing the role of the double-agent superhero.  She is written to be young and naive, but embraces her powers in a bright and fun way as opposed to the brooding superhero fulfilling their responsibilities.  The art from Lee leans towards a cartoon style, but if fits with a character that exists on the brighter, more colorful end of the spectrum.  Silk is a great comic for young girls in a market that is lacking titles for that demographic. That being said, for myself as a comic fan, it left me with little interest to continue reading about the character.



Venom: Space Knight #1 (Marvel Comics)-


Marvel Comics is sending Flash Thompson and his Symbiote off on their own galactic adventure in Venom: Space Knight #1.  Written by Robbie Thompson with art by Ariel Olivetti, this is another title that is less relaunch and more a continuation of events prior to Secret Wars.  Venom has found the home planet of the symbiotes and they have removed the rage from the symbiote, leaving Flash Thompson paired with a creature he is not worried about losing control of.  This issue serves very well as a jumping on point for new readers.  It is a essentially a one-shot story that is concluded at the end of 22 pages and fills in all the back story and narrative as well as explaining the new relationship to the Venom symbiote and the new mission they are now on.  The art is amazing with great expanses and colors, it is really the shinning point of this comic.  As for the story and characters themselves; there was nothing in this issue that made me want to care about Flash Thompson, Venom, or the new mission they are on as space do-gooders.  I feel part of the appeal of Venom as a hero was the constant fight between Flash and the monster he carried with him, especially because without the monster Flash was a cripple who could not even stand, much less fight, on his own.  This dynamic was played out very well when Rick Remender wrote the initial story that saw Venom paired with Thompson.  Without that pull, this book reads as just another good guy out there righting wrongs, and without a catch, that story is rather bland.  I am hoping there is something more to this comic as it evolves.


Don't just take our word for it! Buy the books and share your thoughts below.


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