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NUMBER 1 BULLETS: 02-24-16


Geoff's riding solo in another episode of everyone's favorite first issue review series, Number 1 Bullets! This week, he's taking a look at Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: Beyond the Fences #1, Wynonna Earp #1, Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #1, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency: A Spoon Too Short #1, and Superman: The Coming of the Supermen #1.



Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: Beyond The Fences #1 (Dark Horse Comics)-


Dark Horse has a new Hellboy comic in series with a far lower barrier to entry than the current "In Hell" arc in the main title, this time set in the early days of The B.R.P.D.  Story credits go to Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson with art by Paolo Rivera.  There are reports of missing pets, children, and now the first adult victim in a new development in Rosemead, California and Hellboy is on the case along with Jacob Stegner and Susan Xiang.  Upon arrival it seems that creatures from the other side have found a way to access our world and its up to The B.P.R.D. to stop them.  While this type of story is par for the course for B.P.R.D. comics, it is written very well with an intriguing twist at the end that leads to the conclusion that this 'monster of the week' type story has more behind it that what the team can see on the surface.  There are my favorite Hellboy stories: the stand alone mysteries and weird adventures.  This first issue also serves as a great jumping on point for new readers, the backstory to Hellboy is simply laid out and the cast of characters is small with swift introductions before we are off to poke around in the dark corners of the strange.  The art by Rivera is absolutely stunning and a perfect fit for the comics.  Great attention to detail, both characters and setting, along with an awesome look at a younger slimmer Hellboy reflecting his young age.  All around, this issue was fantastic and and easy one to recommend to any and all readers, both fans of the series and newcomers looking for a good jumping on point.


Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency: A Spoon Too Short #1 (IDW Publishing)-


IDW Publishing is back with another volume of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, written by Arvind Ethan David with art by IIais Kyriazis.  This was my first introduction to the character and his world and I really enjoyed it.  A quirky detective who loves cats and seems to stumble backwards into success and women, good stuff all around.  I often fault comics that have multiple volumes for being impenetrable for readers who are new to the series. That was not the case with this book.  I was up to speed in a few pages and the back story to the character was inconsequential to the plot at hand.  The plot itself seems to serve more as a vehicle to see what kind of trouble Dirk gets into- it involves a family who have lost the ability to communicate.  But is this just the table on which the fun is set, and that fun is watching Dirk interact awkwardly with the sexy nurse and follow the client who is following him in order to try and not solve the first case as best he can.  Yes, that sentence is nonsense, but it gives you an idea of the book and I love that kind of irrelevance.  The art on the other hand is merely okay; it is stylized in a cartoony way with out-of-proportion characters and exaggerated reactions, and while this fits the tone of the book, it just felt a bit sloppy to me.  However, don't let that turn you off of the title as it is a great read and a lot of fun. 


Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #1 (IDW Publishing)- 


The uncontested masters of licensed I.P. comic books, IDW Publishing, is bringing two titles together in Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #1.  Written by Aubrey Sitterson with art by Emilio Laiso, the title wastes no time on plot and dives right into the action. The set up is simple: Destro and Bison have teamed up to host a tournament of fighters that bring the two groups and various factions together. The result is a rather meaningless comic, but at least it was fast and furious with the action.  Pitting crossover characters against each other is always fun, and Sitterson was smart enough to make sure fan-favorite Snake Eyes won his match.  The art from Laiso was good, but not great.  His ability to draw frenetic action balances out the rather poor character work.  This is a pure fluff comic full of fan service, which generally means that the only readers to gain real satisfaction from this issue are die hard Street Fighter and G.I. Joe fans.


Wynonna Earp #1 (IDW Publishing)-


IDW Publishing is bringing back Wynonna Earp just in time for the June debut of the new SyFy television series of the same name.  This series, written by Beau Smith with art by Lora Innes, introduces readers to a Wynonna Earp who is already situated in her position as a Black Badge US Marshall who is there to battle the demons, monsters, and vampires of the criminal world.  Originally an Image mini-series in the late nineties and again in the early two thousands, Wynonna Earp is the descendant of the famous Wyatt Earp and the latest in a long line of the Earp family who have been secretly dealing with the monsters that go bump in the night for over one hundred years.  Unfortunately this new series falls rather flat.  I remember the original mini-series reveling in its camp and over the top nature, but this first issue felt like just another 'tough chick' comic full of action and cliched one liners.  I got the feeling that this comic is much more of a reflection of the new TV show and thus, like the show, has to reign in some of the more exaggerated story telling elements that make something as silly as an Earp descendant fighting vampires fun in the first place.   The art is serviceable, but not much really stands out about it.  The action is easy to follow and the characters were well drawn; never did I have that issue wherein a reader is having trouble telling who is who or what is going on.  The art is a loose reflection of the actors in the show, not photo references, but close enough that you can tell where the inspiration came from.  I can't really recommend this issue to anyone, there is just nothing about it that stands out.  It is exactly what it appears to be, a tie-in issue to a new TV show based on an old and far more interesting comic book property.


Superman: The Coming of the Supermen #1 (DC Comics)-


DC Comics has released the first of a six-issue Superman mini-series created by Neal Adams and Tony Bedard.  The Coming of the Supermen feels like a comic out of time, and depending on the reader this can be a good thing or a bad thing. Starting with a bang and never letting off the gas, Adams starts us off right away with three strange "Supermen" who immediately speed to Metropolis and fight off an army of Parademons lead by Kalibak.  All the while, Superman is involved with a strange dragon-like being who is neither friend nor foe.  These plot points move incredibly fast, narrated by a very '80s looking Lois Lane.  Eventually this new stranger leads Superman to the past to view the creation of the Sphinx, only to find that it is Darkseid himself ruling ancient Egypt.  I feel out of breath just writing that brief summary and that is exactly how I felt reading it.  To some, this mini-series will bring feelings of nostalgia for the way comics were written in the '70s and '80s; for others like me, it feels like a book that should have stayed in the past.  Neither the art nor the story content was enjoyable, it was all so rushed and overly explained.  We are given no information as readers as to who these Supermen are, why Kalibak attacked, who the crazy dragon guy is, or why he takes Superman back in time.  If you are not wearing nostalgia goggles for Neal Adams, there is no reason at all to pick this issue up.


Don't just take our word for it. Pick up the books and tell us what you think!


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