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While DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1 stole the headlines this week there were some other number one issues that hit the shelves including WEIRD DETECTIVE #1, FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS #1, SCOOBY APOCALYPSE #1, and STEVE ROGERS CAPTAIN AMERICA #1.




5.0 Stars

The long anticipated DC Rebirth event is finally starting this month with DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1. Written by Geoff Johns featuring an all star lineup of artists including Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver, and Ivan Reis; this issue is the first of the Rebirth #1 issues that will fundamentally alter the DC universe. DC Comics has continued to stress that this event is not another reboot of their universe but it certainly feels like a major course correction. Narrated by the original pre-new 52 Wally West, REBIRTH #1 is essentially a four part mini series packaged into one oversized comic. Each arc is drawn by a different artist and touches on Wally trying to connect with various members of the new 52 universe who cannot remember his existence. The events of Flashpoint are heavily referenced and it appears the goal is to bring the best of both the pre-new52 universe and the current new 52 universe together and move forward focusing on some of the core concepts of the DC characters that have been missing over the last few years. I will not spoil any major plot points but I do think most fans will really enjoy this comic and the direction it is setting up for DC Comics as a whole. Johns is on point as usual and the various artists all shine in their respective stories. I don't think I need to sell this one too much for comic book fans, this is an issue everyone should check out and decided for themselves whether or not they like the changes that are being made. In my opinion Rebirth is a long needed change to inject the heart that I felt was missing from the new 52 universe, I am eagerly looking forward to the rest of the Rebirth issues and what the future has in store for DC Comics.


WEIRD DETECTIVE #1 (Dark Horse Entertainment)-

5.0 Stars.gif

Dark Horse Entertainment shows readers that sometimes it takes a monster to fight against the ancient ones in WEIRD DETECTIVE #1 from Fred Van Lente and Guiu Vilanova. Detective Sebastian Green used to be just another NYPD cop doing an average job on his way to a nice pension but for the last two months he has been acting strange and closing cases that nobody else can solve. Turns out that the alien agent that has taken over his body is using his 17 senses to solve cases no human ever could. The new Detective Green will need those skills to pursue his true purpose on Earth as he follows the trail of strange murders to the ancient monsters that have conquered his own people back home. Fred Van Lente has spun a crazy narrative in this comic befitting the title but at the same time is it ground enough to read like a cop procedural. Great characters including a new partner with a hidden agenda and a grumpy street cat that Green can communicate with round out the cast. The art by Vilanova is really something special. Fantastic pencil work that brings out detail in the world as well as excellent emotion on the faces of the characters. The heavy use of black brings a fitting somber tone to the book as well. This first oversized issue did an excellent job laying the groundwork for the story and it had room to let a new cast of characters breathe without excess narration. A solid start all around and it is a book readers should check out on the stands when they make their trip to the comic store this Wednesday.



3.0 Stars.gif

IDW Comics is bringing the classic Hunter S. Thompson novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to comic book form and the first issue is out this week. Adapted by Troy Little this comic seems to be a scene for scene translation of the novel. In my head I can hear the voices of Johnny Depp and Benecio del Toro playing the roles of Raoul Duke and his attorney, respectively. It turns out that the lunacy of this story and the overly animated characters work out extremely well in comic book form. I think the cartoon art style is a big part of this. The overly exaggerated expressions and facial animations are perfect for this book and heavily based on the stellar performance that Depp gave in the movie. When the drugs kick in the panel lines and word balloons swirl and stretch to convey the loss of control and it works pretty well. All in all this is a fun new medium for a story I have seen and read many times before and it was still enjoyable. Those who are familiar with the source material might find it repetitive as the comic does not bring anything new to the table but readers who are new to the story will enjoy this adaptation.



3.0 Stars.gif

SCOOBY APOCALYPSE #1 is the second new series out of DC Comics' Hanna Barbara relaunch. Written by Keith Giffen with art by Howard Porter, this new incarnation of the gang is far more self serious that the previous versions of the series. I enjoyed the updating of the characters and thought they all worked well in the context of this title. Daphne and Fred are C list paranormal reality stars, Velma is a top secret scientist, Shaggy is a dog trainer, and Scooby is the result of some military animal enhancement experiments. At face value all of these updates work but things begin to fall apart for me when it comes to the tone of this book. Creepy dudes in silly masks are replaced by an evil corporation that has released DNA altering nanites into the atmosphere effectively bringing about the real apocalypse. It is very heavy and dire and clashes with the overly dramatic characters and the dog who communicates via text emojiis. The first issue was over sized to allow more room for character introduction and set up and yet it is still extremely dense and verbose with characters explaining at length the details of the world. It is not all bad though, the art by Porter is very well done and bright and I do like the new versions of the gang especially Shaggy and Scooby. While the first issue was a bit of a miss I still think there is potential here as the story unfolds with, hopefully, at least a small introduction of humor to lighten the mood.



2.0 Stars.gif

Due to the magic of the cosmic cube Steve Rodgers is young again so that means it is time for Marvel Comics to release STEVE RODGERS CAPTAIN AMERICA #1. Cap is back in action working with SHIELD along side Sam Wilson, Jack Flag, Rick Jones, The Spirit to stop Hydra's new form of home grown terrorism. Much like the Sam Wilson Cap book, this new title dives right in to modern politics. Red Skull in recruiting stateside using rhetoric about making your country strong again and how it is justified to be angry about the influx of refugees from abroad. In this reviewers opinion super hero comics are about escapism and the last thing I want to see on the page is a rehash of the garbage the left and the right sling at each other all day long on cable news. Painting Hydra recruits as thinly veiled Trump supporters is insulting and pedantic. As if drudging through modern politics was not enough Nick Spencer decided to also craft a story that fundamentally changes Steve Rodgers down to the core. Be warned if you are afraid of spoilers... the new twist is that Steve is a long time sleep agent for Hydra. Honestly, its just stupid story telling regardless of whether it is real and a permanent change for the character or a mind control plot device that will be reversed in six issues. The art in this book is great, so that is something positive to look for in the new title.


Don't just take our word for it. Grab the books yourself and let us know what you think!


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